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Business Spot Light - Energetic Magic

The problem you have with your beliefs is that 95% of them are present at a subconscious level, and are often in opposition to your conscious goals.

The beliefs you’ve created, for the most part, are designed to keep you safe.Unfortunately, being safe doesn’t mean being happy. For instance, suppose you want to be a singer, but you have a subconscious belief that as more people know about you, the greater the danger to your life.

Then the further you try to get in your career the more that belief will assert itself to keep you safe. This results in bad decisions, illness, deals falling through, and a variety of outcomes to make sure too many people don’t know about you. However, because the belief is subconscious, you don’t even know it’s there, so you assume what you’re doing is wrong and you try to course correct your career with different promotions, songs, associates, etc..

You try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist while the real problem subverts all of your actions. With Energetic Magic, we go to the core beliefs and destroy them. Once they’re gone, your life flows more easily. You may even find that things that didn’t work before do now. Clients often describe the change as magical, which is how Energetic Magic got its name.

Led by Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, you will cover topics like:

  • Success Mindset

  • Deepening Relationships

  • Confidence & Self-Worth

  • Being Seen, Being Authentic

  • Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

  • Inspiring Leadership

  • Removing Money Blocks

  • Motivation & Momentum

  • Business Success

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Empathy & Trust

  • Manifesting Goals

Shiraz Baboo

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