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What is romance? what does it mean to "be romantic"?

Naturally, romance means different things to different people. For some, it might mean a marriage proposal in the "perfect location". For others, it's candle light dinners, walks for just the two of you, chocolate, candy, a new set of golf clubs, or even a trip to an animal rescue to help your partner in a time of loss.

Almost anything could be romantic as long as the two of you have the understanding of what the gesture means.

In the overall, I think that being romantic means that we are making our partner feel that they are the most important thing in your life – that they are the highest priority.

Keeping the romance alive can be challenging in long term relationships. Quite often, the early days of courtship and romance seem pretty easy. Our partner "gets" us and we feel very special.

How do we keep the feeling of romance alive during periods of grief, loss, heartbreak, job loss, kids, relatives moving in with you, illness, grocery shopping, bills, car repairs, etc.?

We do our best and show our partner that we value them. That's how.

There is a natural ebb and flow to emotions, just as there are cycles in nature, phases of the moon, seasons, etc. Because of this, it can be quite unrealistic for us to expect our partner to be romantic with us every second of every day. After all, are we doing that for them?

It's very easy to sit around and wait for our partner to do something romantic for us, but what if they are waiting for us to do the same thing? It that's the case, it's no wonder that many couples feel that romance is dead. As a dancer, I know full well that it really DOES take two to Tango.

We each have to do our part in keeping the relationship romance tank full. There are days that I might not be able to "top up the tank" and there are also days that my husband might not be able to, either.

However, for the overall, long term survival and growth of the relationship, we each do our best to top up the tank as often and as well as we can. Sometimes, seeing that our partner is making the effort is all that's needed to help and reassure us that there is still romance in the relationship.

Romance is also cherishing all that you have, hoping for more happiness, and the true desire to be or stay in love. This last year has taught us how important people and our relationships are.

As a Soul Realignment practitioner, I often help couples discover their individual and combined soul purpose and help them find and appreciate their partner, even more.

Now, for 2021, we look forward to appreciating what we have, what we have gone through, and how strongly we exited 2020.

Like all good things in life, it keeping the romance alive takes the commitment of mutual work and effort. Love what you have, do, and are. Live for the romance. Love for the joy of being you.


Rev. Shirlee Rankin has been a therapist, educator, and speaker for over 30 years and is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Animal Communicator, and is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Through years of dedication and study in various physical and metaphysical streams, she is dedicated to helping people discover their Divine Life Purpose and assists couples and families with Soul Realignment, Relationship Readings, Healing family traumas, and performs crystal and reiki treatments for both people and animals.

Shirlee is now called to help in a new way by becoming a metaphysical minister and offering her services as a counselor, wedding officiant, and celebrates life transitions.


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