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Relationship Transition with Ease & Peace

Today I would like to offer you, or a friend of yours a gift! It comes in the form of a free Facebook group where I will offer all sorts of support, kindness and accountability to those who are going through a separation or divorce.

The important details about the group:

Relationship Transition with Ease & Peace

Are you going through a divorce or separation from your spouse? Or are you already separated and dealing with the fallout?

This is a highly stressful time, and there is no need to go through it all by yourself!

Starting very soon: April 24th - end of May!

Join my Facebook group ( to learn this goodness (and more!):

1. How to de-stress and find peace in your life

2. How to take the steps that are necessary and uncomfortable to get through this experience while having me (and other members) as accountability buddies!

3. How to re-discover yourself! Who are you outside of this relationship? What brings you joy and how do you want to live?

There will be live support, learning new tools and a supportive community! It’s a gift from me, to you!

To those who are going through this: You are brave and you are amazing! I can’t wait to support you on your journey to your Freedom! Remember to be especially kind to yourself.

I know life is very busy dealing with this whole mess, and it may not feel like the right time… It’s always the right time for more support, love & kindness.

PS: This group is entirely private and nobody will see that you are in it.

PPS: If that link happens to be expired by the time you click on it and it doesn’t work for you, please send me a quick message and I will personally invite you!

PPPS: You totally rock. Please share this beautiful gift with those who could use it.

Jani is a certified ICF & Martha Beck Life Coach

For more info visit:

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