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Reading Body Pain

It is very fascinating to understand the connection between what we are feeling and the emotions we have stored in our bodies.

Many of us go through life, not realizing the effects stress plays on us. Our emotions can get trapped in our bodies when we go through trauma or feel sad or unloved among many other emotions we feel.

But what do all those emotions do to our bodies? I came across a book a while back that talked about the different places, we can store pain in our bodies and how our emotions manifest into that pain. I was reminded of this most recently while feeling some pain myself. I grabbed my book and began reading about what those aches and pains could mean.

It is very fascinating to understand the connection between what we are feeling and the emotions we have stored in our bodies. I must have spent a good hour reading about the different ailments people can feel and how that explains what they may be experiencing in life emotionally.

Many people for example have back pain and the meaning I was reading was a feeling of not feeling supported in life. Made sense to me since the back is what keeps us up. Arm or hand pain was an extension of the heart centre and expressing love. Again, it made sense, since we use our hands to hug and hold those we love. So, are we feeling pain because we are not expressing that love? The abdomen was said to be the seat of our emotions, containing our deepest feelings. I’ve also heard that our gut is like our other heart. The place our higher self wants us to make decisions from. Many people may want to play it safe and make decisions from their minds and then do not get the experience they were hoping for. So, instead of always taking that medication for your sore tummy, take some time to think about what is bothering you and turning your tummy upside down.

The eyes are said to be the window to our soul and how we see the world. Do we wear glasses because we don’t want to see the truth? The throat had to do with communicating. Are we expressing ourselves or holding back? On and on the correlation between our ailments and what it could mean went. Each time I read up on not only my own ailments but those of others the explanation connected to the pain being felt was correct.

For me, I try and meditate on the pain and try and understand why I’m feeling it. It’s a long process to figure it all out yes, but we have to begin with loving ourselves and taking time to balance our emotions and put boundaries up. In that way, we can at least begin to honour ourselves and not feel guilty for saying no to someone or actually doing what feels good to us.

Always, remember to do for yourself, what you would do for others. You matter too!

SR John


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