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Personal Transformational Timeline Therapy Testimonial

“ I have been very blessed and lucky to experience a Timeline Therapy session with Dianne Ojar. We planned for a 3-hour session and ended up spending 6 hours on what I felt was one of the most powerful personal transformational experiences of my life.

I stated my issues, made my commitment to do my part in the process, did the practices and exercises, received a list of tasks, and at the end of the session felt like I have been reborn into an upgraded version of myself and that my emotional luggage of painful experiences and emotional patterns was left behind.

Dianne guided me through a very deep emotional cleansing journey and I released emotional imprints in my memory and being, released limiting past decisions, made new decisions to make wiser emotional choices, and let go of past and present emotional challenges.

I felt supported, safe, deeply cared for, and in a perfect space to release decades of unpleasant past memories and emotions. Today was a day of rebirth that I will keep celebrating as a spiritual birthday of a new me from now on.

Thank you so much Dianne for being a powerhouse of compassion, generosity, and wisdom and for helping me transform so much pain and emotional turmoil in a few hours. You are amazing and Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.

With deep love and gratitude." - Adina Dimitriu

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