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“All the things that truly matter, beauty, love, creativity, joy, and inner Peace, arise beyond the mind.” - Eckart Tolle

Sacred Heart Intelligence links your physical heart to your High Heart. Another name for your High Heart is the Thymus gland. Your Thymus gland energetically connects your High Heart to God Source.

The word Thymus means “soul” in Greek. On a physical level, its primary role is to support your immune system. The Thymus gland is part of your lymphatic system and sits between the Heart and sternum.

What does Sacred Heart Intelligence mean? It is a living field of consciousness deep inside you where you can communicate directly with your God Source. Some cultures call this place within you the “Holies of Holies.” When the communication pathway is open between your physical and spiritual hearts, your God Source gives you the gift of experiencing unconditional love and Peace.

As the Sacred Heart Intelligence flows within you, it acts as a receiver and transmitter for Divine direction from your God Source. Your inner wisdom of cellular knowingness unleashes, allowing you to always be in your sweet spot. This Sacred Heart Intelligence will always lead you to a safe space and always make the best choice for you at any given time, aligned with your highest potential, aligned with your highest possibility within the divine infinite field of all possibilities. In other words, when your Sacred Heart Intelligence is activated, you will live within the dream of love and Peace. Become the pebble in the pond! Every time you experience inner Peace, it ripples out little by little across the pond of consciousness and touches the hearts of many, allowing the “many” to experience Peace on Earth!

First track: Brain Balancing

When both halves of the brain are balanced and work together, you experience an increase in overall mental health; this music helps with cognitive performance when solving problems and memory issues and increases intellectual functioning.

Second track: Balancing Hormones

When your hormones become balanced, almost every aspect of your life improves. Balanced hormones mean more energy, less stress, and anxiety, you are happier, your mind has a quicker response time, and you get a better night’s sleep, which means your body is rejuvenating while sleeping. In the long run, you live longer when your hormones are balanced!

Third track: Thymus gland Activation

Your Thymus is a gateway to your higher consciousness. Some call it the seat of your Soul. The Thymus, when activated, infuses your life with forgiveness, love and compassion for yourself and others. It also helps neutralize negative energy, strengthens your immune system, and brings you Peace within!

Fourth track: Balancing the Heart Chakra

When your Heart Chakra is balanced, it helps you find inner Peace and allows you to feel unconditional love and respect for others.

Fifth track: Restoring and aligning the Heart Meridian

When the Heart Meridian works optimally, you can experience a peaceful night’s sleep. The primary emotion it rules is joy! When you feel joy, it relaxes the Qi and blood vessels so the pulse slows and you align with inner Peace.

Sixth Track: Sacred Heart Intelligence Awakening

When your Sacred Heart Intelligence awakens, you discover a new part of yourself you never knew you had, and life becomes more manageable. As you go forward, the power of who you are and your abilities creates a sense of Peace.

Tip! Place your palms facing up in the Buddha position, left palm on the bottom, right palm on top, while you listen to the music. Also, it is best to wear headphones or earbuds at 18 to 20 decimals.

My gift to you this holiday season: six deep healing music tracks for helping you activate the Sacred Heart Intelligence within you! 

Linda Sylvester, R.M.T., S.R.M.T. Linda Sylvester from Buffalo, N.Y. has 40 years of experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, Master Sound Healer, internationally known Author, Music Artist, Founder of Sonic Reiki, Co-Founder of Wholistic International Network, Mentor, and Medical Intuitive.


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