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Nurturing Your Beliefs

When push comes to shove, it ain't the science that's going to lift you up - it's the belief, the spiritual side of life, that's going to lift you up, no matter what religion you are. - Kirstie Alley

 I believe emotions create energy. And that’s natural, not supernatural.

Conflict is like a swing. It can sway your motivation, and then give your vitality a reason to come back even taller! It can move down various levels of discomfort and uncover hidden blessings. It can reveal boundaries and open doors to unlock agreements and limited beliefs. It can provoke the feeling (or energy) of struggle, eventually leading to a reward. Conflict swings heavier sometimes in the balance of a relationship or personal alignment. It’s usually a sign that something needs to be revealed. And jumping off that swing, can challenge fear and reveal truths. Conflict can make you think twice about how to land.

It takes courage to share your alignment and beliefs sometimes. Many times they go hand in hand, like two swings beside each other. The space between them can leave room for judgment and that can be very threatening to any relationship. Alignment does not always show up in conventional ways, like planned education. My authentic alignment came later on my life path. Earlier on, I chose to work alongside my father. In my heart, I knew that I needed to spend time with this amazing man. My decision ended up being a divine experience for me. It was four short years I worked with him before he got sick. Sharing, he was born in 1933, and died in the year 1999, at age 66. I learned that these are considered to be numbers of manifestation, 3-6-9. I also learned, through conflict, that not everyone believes these numbers have anything to do with manifestation. In any case, my Dad definitely manifested and I like to believe I have carried on this trait. In 2024, judgment is swaying on new therapies to promote emotional well-being (mental health) and is encouraged by many organizations. For those who have found alignment in teaching Holistic Arts, I thank you for your brave journey on becoming, what I like to call a Well-Being Influencer. 

Holistic courses and training gave me the courage to connect my coaching with my beliefs. My swing into alignment was a tell-all for my support system as well. High conflict. Experts will tell you this happens when you have a leap of alignment in your life. It’s an amazing blessing that can also stir up conflict and feelings of judgment in relationships. My coaching landed with energy and communication, breaking this down further into energy balance and higher-level listening. Relationship coaching includes talking about loved ones who have passed on. It includes discussing generation patterns and patterns of limited beliefs that we now have more ability to change. It involves going into the feeling of fear to some degree to promote change. I believe emotions create energy and it’s natural, not supernatural. Sharing emotions can promote positivity to balance out deep-rooted fear and dig out limited beliefs. I was taught all of this by therapists - who use holistic therapies in their practice. I have no regrets in regard to my education because I got to work with my Dad. The lack of support motivated my ‘well-being influencer’ even more. Time to put my degree in broadcasting to use once again. Time to nurture my own beliefs and allow others to land however they wished. 

I’m finishing this article off how I originally wanted to start it. The total solar eclipse that happened on Monday, April 8th, 2024 brought me back in time, to a brief moment in Grade 3. I noted we didn’t have fancy protective glasses back then and I took a peak anyway. Originally, this article sounded more like a grade school science essay, and every time I returned to it, I hit the feeling (or energy) of struggle. The next time this sounds familiar, keep an eye out for the reward. When I struggled to write this month, I realized the process of my writing was not fitting my purpose. The upswing happened when I  nurtured more of my own beliefs into my alignment and let go of others. I gave the coach, writer, and well-being influencer in me permission to swing even higher. I used the lack of creativity like lunar gravity propelling me forward, blocking any meteors coming my way. Well, the meteors came anyway and I persevered. I allowed myself to let go of the energy of judgment and fear regardless of where it was coming from.


My reward is the feeling of a positive shift. Conflict is not the only way to swing into a positive change. The eclipse in April 2024 brought in the energy of wonder for me. It was a day that people gathered together and looked upwards. The masculine energy of the sun overlapped with the feminine energy of the moon (if you believe in astrology). In ancient times, eclipses brought fear and disorder to society, recorded in the history books. It came out of nowhere, and created an opportunity for discussion and (guessing here) disagreements. The day turned to night for a few minutes and the word ‘eclipse’ was formed from the energy of abandonment. I’m sure there was a sense of relief when everything kept moving along up there! The blessing from conflict in the sky was years of scientific research, more communication, more concern, and more decisions. 

As many across North America gathered in the community, the energy has now shifted to curiosity and awe, watching the solar event. The air of fear has shifted to positive excitement over the centuries. The swing keeps swinging as holistic science opens up new discussion. Emotional well-being is now considered to be a priority in workplaces, schools, and homes. Concern for relational energy seems to be current once again. What seems like ancient advice is swinging back in with phrases like ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in regards to cell phones in schools. Top industry mentors are giving the same 30-year advice, ‘listen’ to learn. Well, I got really good at that. Balancing this energy, these words, I speak every day - Your words matter. Keep it going. Share your energy. They are landing in beautiful places.

Ginny Connon is a Certified Coach, Well-Being Influencer and a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada. Listen to Ginny Connon Nurturing on Apple Podcasts. Visit to find previous articles, podcasts, links to upcoming events and purchases.


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