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No more dieting. Just naturally, sustainably healthy!

90-day Glow-up:

Signature 1-1 VIP Coaching

This is my sustainable health program for women wanting to shed those stubborn pounds and ignite their unstoppable confidence! Getting healthy shouldn't be something you dread doing! The over-abundance of information, the idea of giving up all the foods you love in another diet that doesn't' last ... is enough to make anyone run for the hills! If you hate doing something, you're not going to do it. What's going to make your weight loss actually last is, SUSTAINABLE health. It's a matter of connecting to your body and understanding what it's telling you it needs, and finding foods that make YOUR body feel good and give you energy. Creating balance in all areas of your life is how you're going to lose weight naturally and sustain it for a lifetime.

  • Learn to listen to your body & create a healthy connection to food.

  • Detox your body to decrease inflammation & increase energy


  • Lose weight NATURALLY


  • Learn what foods are healthy for YOUR body and reduce digestive upset and bloating.

  • Identify destructive behaviors that got you to your current state and begin releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle you've been in for years.


  • Begin to shift your mindset toward your body from shame to love & appreciation.

Alyssa Martinez

Weight loss & Empowerment Coach

There was a time where I really needed to take back control of my mental and physical health. I was going through depression, anxiety, unhealthy weight loss, toxic relationship, negative self-talk...

you know, all the crazy!

Taking control of my physical health was how I was able to take back control of my mental health.

It was so empowering!

Women by nature are givers and have a tendency to always take care of everyone else... and their own wellbeing gets put on the backburner.

Making yourself a priority is something that we, as women, are not used to doing, and when we try?

Well then, the guilt sets in, but self-care is not something to feel guilty about. When we stop taking care of ourselves we start to lose our health, our own sense of self, our individuality, our fierceness.

Empowering women and helping them to transform their lives and become the best version of themselves is my mission in life.

Radical self-acceptance is so important for transformation.

It is my hope to empower as many women as possible so that strong, independent, confident, fierce women become the norm and not the exception.

I cant wait to begin this journey with you!


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