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"I can do it!" he shouted at the figure across the room. "All my life you've been holding me back, beating me down - I've had it! Why? Why can't you just let me be? I could really be somebody," he continued, now in a pleading voice.
For a while he was quiet except for the sound of his own deep breathing. He just started at what he now realized was his ultimate adversary. The figure was still; it said nothing. "Oh God", he sighed. He shifted his gaze to the bright lights of the city below. Beginning to see the possibilities for his life, he felt a surge of excitement, of potential purpose, go through his every fiber.
He was lost somewhere in his imagination for what seemed several minutes. Suddenly reality hit him squarely and coldly again. His sense of possible escape was lost. He felt the chains weighing heavy on his soul. And he returned his gaze slowly, steadily, helplessly to the figure of his oppressor. Once more he looked squarely into the eyes of the figure in the mirror before him.

Abstract taken by the book "Self-Leadership" by Charles Manning

How do you experience your self-talk? What lies are your saboteurs telling you? How are your inner-critics impacting your life? Where do you find the courage to kick those gremlins to the curb?

Make a shift in your life and start reinforcing your self-awareness today. Click here and find out how you can invest in yourself and discover how In The Worx can help you get the reflection in the mirror you want to see.

With life being always In The Worx, we support overwhelmed HR Professionals and small business owners become intentional and present leaders, find focus through self-leadership, and successfully improve their employees’ experience and day-to-day work.

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