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Mental Health and the link to Balancing Your Hormones

As the most recent pandemic could well be mental health, I think it may be time to look at how we can understand how our mental health is absolutely linked to our physical health. I believe our physical health is absolutely linked to how our stress levels have affected our hormone balancing, which in turn can create our mental health concerns.

Why do I know this? Because I use to have LUPUS, an autoimmune disease and by studying the body to find out how I got sick, I have become well naturally. More recently I was told that my thyroid levels were ‘out of whack’ after the stress of losing my father. I decided to balance the thyroid naturally in 90 days. The doctor was puzzled when I did.

Why I did this is because I get the power of an imbalanced system and the behaviour ramifications including the feelings of ‘not being able to cope’ or overwhelm. Now as a coach I have discovered that when my clients mention overwhelm, they tend to be overwhelmed in every aspect of their life including home, work and relationships.

This can all be rectified by realising that our ‘Progesterone’ levels may be extremely low because our mineral intake has also been low. It can also happen from carrying negative emotions which are like a toxin to the body because they are acidic. So not only do we need to understand about clearing away our negative emotions and beliefs that may have been holding us back, we may also need to understand how our Mental Health is linked to the minerals we are or are not taking because they are responsible for helping us produce ‘Progesterone’, the feel good hormone. So what can I tell you that I have learned about Progesterone that may assist you?

Progesterone is the Feel Good Hormone

·It is produced in the body from day 12 to day 26 (Day 1 is the first day of the period) ·Progesterone means Home for the Egg. When women lack progesterone they may find it hard to have babies or hold onto the baby.

·When women are pregnant they go from producing 15 mgms of progesterone per day to 400 units of progesterone in the third trimester.

·When a women has her child she loses a great deal of progesterone when she loses the placenta, hence that feeling of ‘not coping’ or thyroid imbalance which then creates lots of other issues.

·This dramatic loss of Progesterone can be the cause of POST NATAL DEPRESSION. Going from 400 units -15 units.

·Women going through early menopause can also be helped with Minerals and a Balancing Cream. Time of Menopause usually relates to time they started their period. It also tends to relate to when their mother started menopause because they tend to eat the same stuff.

·There are 47 receptors in the body for progesterone, including the heart, thyroid and the brain so when we are progesterone deficient we can have a myriad of concerns.

·Osteoporosis is a mineral and a progesterone problem.

·Osteo Arthritis is both a mineral and a progesterone problem.

·When teenagers have ACNE they tend to have a high testosterone problem that can be balanced the 3 days with balancing cream on the face (My son did this).

I would love to assist any of you feeling that you are not coping because of ‘stress’.

Both the mind and Body work together to balance you. It’s not Mind over Matter because that drains our adrenals. We want the mind and matter in perfect harmony. It’s time to balance you.

I am here for you.

Much Love to you,

Lynda Lynda Dyer Msc Mind Power Global Mob: 0418 960 366 Certified NLP Trainer & Master Trainer of Matrix Therapies Registered Trainer Member of the NLPAA

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