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Marie Kondo’s Advice to Help You Live Your Best Life

Konmari Media

Marie Kondo has inspired us to cleanse our minds by removing clutter.

But she's also given fantastic life advice beyond throwing out what you don't use!

Some of her best advice?

Laugh about the little things!

“It is important to embrace tidying to get you closer to the lifestyle you see yourself having, but I’m not talking about your closets and drawers here. What I’m talking about is the chaos that ensues in family life. It gets very tough and life can seem so busy, but—and maybe this is him rubbing off on me a little bit—my husband is very good at seeing the humor or the joy of the situation. If you’re up with your baby all night long, and he’s not going to sleep, but then he finally does go to sleep, and then he wakes up right away because he pooped—normally, I would be upset. But my husband thinks this kind of thing is hilarious. To be able to shift your thinking to see the lightness of a situation is very important. My home can be quite chaotic after a long day with the children, but even that is funny, right? I’m Marie Kondo! And my house isn’t tidy! What is there to do but laugh?”

Kondo's quote reminds me of a talk last year from a man who helped with the migrants coming into Italy from the Middle East. Most of them came to Italy on a dinghy (or worse).

He said that while at the migrant camps, he was astonished to see people who had just come off the turbulent and scary ocean laughing with each other.

He said he asked them how they can be so positive, and they told him that it is important to laugh, even in trials.

I never forgot this story, although admittedly I sometimes forget the moral when life gets tough.

Kondo's quote is not only inspiring, it's so timely.

Things seem so bad, and every day there's something new going on.

But if we can remember to laugh about the little things, it'll go a long way to finding goodness in the world and in each other.


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