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Managing Your Feelings to be Soul Centred

By: Lorree Appleby

As we are awakening and remembering who we are it’s important to not attach too closely to our perceived identity.

Do you pick up on the energy around you easily? You could be feeling just fine and suddenly when you’re around someone else you feel heavy, sadness or maybe frustration or anger without anything actually happening to trigger it.

Do those feelings feel familiar to you and yet you know you’ve done your inner work to clear them but here they are again?

This is a common experience with empaths, these are people who are highly sensitive to the energy around them. Their senses are keenly attuned and they end up picking up all sorts of emotions. It’s not an easy way to live if you are not aware of how to manage your energy so you’re not taking on other people’s emotions.

If you’re not skilled at energy management this vicious cycle can leave you feeling drained because you’re experiencing so many lower vibrational feelings.

As we are awakening and remembering who we are it’s important to not attach too closely to our perceived identity. There is a lot of oppression in the world showing up and the pain has to be felt before it can be transmuted. It’s a heavy load to carry if you’re not able to protect your energy.

Being in crowds or where a lot of lower energy is around is where empaths feel most drained so doing energy strengthening and balancing practices such as meditation, Qi Gong and practicing a soul connection dialog to organize your energy field works wonders.

Sometimes we pick up energy from our loved ones and it can get messy because we have emotional connections that often run deep.

Whether you are an empath or not you still have empathic abilities so family and friends affects everyone unless you’ve become recluse from them.

So no matter how you are being prompted to feel, when they come up for you do you allow them to rise and be felt or do you resist and judge them?

The key thing with emotions is if we can move from resistance to allowance we can actually let the feelings go much easier. This is the healthy way to be and our body knows how to heal, if we allow it to.

Now if you have had a lifetime of stuffing your feelings then there’s some work to do before it becomes a natural response to allow and release emotions. Just think, all those years of not feeling, you have some catching up to do!

We start with identifying the feeling; sadness, anger, frustration, envy, etc.

Then allow the feeling to be in the body, locate where it is and noticing the discomfort.

When it’s uncomfortable we automatically feel tension in our body. This is when we want to observe it and tell ourselves we are simply moving energy through our body.

Emotions are energy in motion so if we don’t allow the energy to move through us we are unable to release it and we end up holding them in our body which turns into aches and pains, illness, disease and emotions we can’t control.

Then we want to breathe into it. Feel it and move our breath through our body, while gently reminding ourselves we are not the feeling, we are feeling the feeling

For instance, I’m angry, or I’m feeling angry. There’s a difference, one attaches the feeling to our identity and one is simply experiencing it without attachment.

This is how you do it, make friends with your feelings.

When you’re done it’s great to reflect on the experience and journal or take a walk to shift your energy.

Fully experiencing your feelings is your soul calling you to take adventures, it’s a way of connecting with your soul so you can learn to live your truth and become soul-centred.

By Lorree Appleby, Radical Living Master Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, founder of Our Purposeful Journey and Creator of the Soul Adventure Journey to the Real Me game. I help my clients with soul connection, transforming their belief systems and shifting their perspective on their life to one of gratitude and ease, living a radically happy and fulfilled life.


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