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Love is key

To me, love is at the centre of everything and makes the world go round. I know some people would think I’m crazy, so I don’t hang out with those kinds of people…

Isn't this cute? This is how a neighbour cut their lawn on Mother's day weekend!

A world without love, care and kindness is not one I want to live in.

I don’t mean the romantic kind, I mean the all encompassing love, that starts from within and spreads light and warmth throughout your life, and the world.

Especially as women we often have such negative self talk, almost hatred and disgust… It would make you cringe and be really offended if anyone every said this stuff out loud.

Love and kindness begins with ourselves, in how we talk and treat ourselves.

The more we can be rooted in this feeling, the more we see the world in a whole different light. Imagine this:

You have such a deep sense of love for yourself and others. Any decision you make is based in this love. Maybe you usually make your kids lunch, and today you just don’t have it in you. To love yourself and your kids is to not be a martyr for everyone else in your life.

It means drawing a boundary, and making sure your needs are met as well as your kids. I’m sure they’d love some cafeteria money once in a while anyways! And at the same time you were able to be an amazing role model in showing your kids that you matter too!

Or perhaps you’ve been tolerating not putting yourself first. Whether that’s a certain self care routine you’d like to have, or exercise, meeting with friends, or more ME time… Something that you know would make you feel really really good. If you allowed yourself to love yourself enough to make this a priority, imagine how absolutely wonderful you will feel.

And not only because of the actual thing you’re doing, but because you are LOVING yourself, out loud! As you show yourself this love and kindness, you are a fabulous role model for those around you, as you love yourself, it will swap over and embrace your loved ones. You’ll have more patience and understanding because your needs are met too.

And let’s not forget about how love and kindness spreads like a positive wildfire. One kind act leads to the next, to the next and everyone is uplifted by this beautiful gift.

I invite you to ponder or meditate on these questions:

How do you love yourself?

How might you invite even more love into your life?

And how could you really soak in it, and then continue to spread the love?

Jani is a certified ICF & Martha Beck Life


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