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Let The Seasons Change You

As winter turns to spring, it’s time to rethink our approach to life. The dull cold days are replaced with bright and sunny skies. We take the time to put away our winter clothes and bring out the lighter and brighter items we cannot wait to wear. Let’s all do the same thing with our attitudes and see the difference that this makes for us. Along with our wardrobe, our hearts will also be lighter. There is no doubt that we have baggage and that it can take an emotional toll on all of us. Now is the perfect time to embrace the spirit of a new start and to give ourselves the gift of spring and the promise of a new awakening. Flowers are not the only things that can bloom now. We can bloom in thought, love, peace, and joy. Let’s do it together and become a community of peace-loving individuals who are happy and light in spirit.

Opportunities come at many times in many forms.

The truth of the matter is that we need to change to be ready to accept the chance to be something new in thought and to do different things in action. Spring is the perfect time to do a true assessment of your life and to determine what is working and what needs a little tweak. If we do not do this from time to time we stay in the same place and never get to the next destination.

Spring awakening is the promise of new smells, new looks, and the chance to be the person who is bright light, and happy. You can take the time to smell the coffee and to do something you have always wanted to but never got around to. Try to adopt a puppy or a kitten or dog and a cat from a shelter. If this works for your lifestyle. Share the joy of your new commitment to yourself by enjoying things you may have put off and now are ready to do. Time is the key. Take advantage of the time you have to make the changes you need. Set aside a block of time and make your list of how you are going to spring into your life. Letting the rays of sunshine into your home will allow the sun to shine in your heart.

The sky is the limit for you now. You can choose your path and walk it knowing that you have made choices that work for you and you are going to address those that do not work for you any longer. This is the true way to get back the spring in your step and the confidence in yourself. How will we embrace our new beginnings and what does that look like in action? These are questions that will answer themselves once we are on the path to our new destination. The path will cross at times and you will have to decide the direction to go, but that is a part of your new journey. List what you like in your life and see why it satisfies you. Your job makes you feel happy going to it and it also pays your living expenses. You are not unhappy there and at this time in your life, you do not want to advance any further. Okay. But if it is different and it feels like work every day, see what you want to do about it and start on the path of change. Your health is the priority that you are working on as you live daily.

I put this in here so people do not think that it is not important to me. I know that this is the start but truly assume that we take care of it. If we do not then we need to. Number one priority. Relationships are the key area where many people struggle to survive. We either have what we want or we don’t. It is an area that is extremely important and yet under-assessed for long periods. The reason is that many people stay because of the fear of being alone and know how hard dating is in this day and age. Finances are a major focus for us now in the days we face.

It is something that takes up a lot of space in people’s heads and causes mind traffic when we do not deal with it head-on. Face it and get any help you may need to resolve issues that you are struggling with. You will feel lighter and brighter right away and know your path is the correct one. Life is all about balancing all the parts of it that make it great, challenging, and wonderful. Have the time to be the one to change for you. You are the only person you can change. When you change you will see that others look and appear to be different also. Seasons will come and they will go. The changes that you make for yourself will be the lasting changes that make your life and your destination the same. Once you align your intent and your impact you will see the results of time well spent on your status and your progress. Do it for you and give the gift to others. You may have noticed that the font at the start of this article changed.

The changes were more obvious there as it was the start and the beginning of this journey. As the article went on, the changes became more subtle as we worked on the content and got it done. Now this is the same for your life. It is harder and more obvious at first and then it becomes much easier to manage as you gain confidence in the steps you are taking. Confidence is the quality and desired outcome of all of your work. It is what will make you feel better about you. It is what will give you the strength to ask for what you want and not accept anything less. If you think about it, we return items that do not fit well and that we do not like or want. In our lives, we can return things that do not work for us without a receipt. We are the receipt.

Accept what is good for you and do not accept what is not working for you. It is a very simple plan that can have major benefits for you and those you love. Change is hard and some of us struggle with it more than others. It is time to embrace the changes we seek and to know that we are the struggle and we will win the war. Move on to a different level of consciousness and try to be at ease with you and the life you are in the process of creating. See the sun and run outside in it. Let your brain be sunny all the time and keep the faith in your actions. You will see the world and people differently and they will see you differently. Reach out for the help you need to get to where you want to go. It is worth it and people want to help.

Change like the seasons for the very best reasons.......... You

Diane E. Makarowski
Life Enhancer Let me help you to navigate the areas you struggle with and share some life experiences and knowledge to make the sun come out again. Let me be there for you and we will learn together on your journey to a healthier and happier life.


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