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Let My Experience Create Yours

  • Wedding planning - to save couples thousands of dollars and create an even better wedding.

  • Wedding Officiant - for wedding ceremonies that incorporate elements others simply don’t do. We create a family heirloom right at the ceremony !!!

  • DJ/MC - for an industry leading emotionally engaging wedding reception experience that is as unique as the couple themselves

  • Dance Studio - Learn to dance, for a First Dance You’ll Never Forget.

Ron Finlay

Entertainment Director


Ron Finlay Business Training Manager

647 528 3548

As a natural born trainer, Ron embraced learning from others and raised his game becoming a multi award winning professional DJ and 5-Star of Excellence MC.

Ron learned from experts the better way to run a wedding, and now offers up to 50 special highlights, where most DJs struggle to deliver only 8.

Ron was the Chairman of The Board for Directors of the Canadian Professional DJ Association (from inception to 2018), then a founding member of the Canadian Entertainment Standards Council, and now involved with other industry collaboratives.

As co-author of 15 books in the DJ industry and solo author of books in progress for small business owners, Ron is on a mission to get his knowledge into the hands and heads of others to short track their path to success, complemented by his live training workshops.

Hence the formation of Matrix Business Training Workshops (1984 inception, partnership since 1997, rebranded 2013) for business owners and entrepreneurs with all areas of their businesses to systematize and streamline all the “stuff” so they can focus on the “thing” allowing them to work smarter, work less, make more money and enjoy life.

When he’s not doing all this, Ron loves to renovate houses and do woodworking, as he rebuilds the home where he lives with his wife Shirlee, whom he met ballroom dancing in 1977. Together, they operate Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio in Etobicoke.

647 528 3548

"Let My Experience Create Yours”


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