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Kundalini Yoga & Sound

Kundalini Energy is used to balance the chakras, creating a clear path for energy to rise. By opening and balancing our chakras, we enhance all aspects of our lives and strengthen our internal “survival tools” to manage today’s challenges. We will speak mantras for letting go and feeling better.

We will be practicing kundalini yoga poses to balance your Chakras & empower you. Gentle Stretches, affirmations and breath work for the body and mind. While in the yoga pose you will receive kundalini Reiki & sound healing. The movement in your body will create movement in your life enabling us to reach a higher state of consciousness and mental clarity.

The answers to your own happiness lies within. You will notice your inner world and the changes that are taking place. At the end of the class, we will vibrate with truth. Recommend for individuals who want to improve circulation and decrease stress. Class ends with Sound Bath with Gongs and singing bowls. This is a beginner Kundalini  Yoga.Morissette is a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui, Johrei & Kundalini Reiki.

Sat April        13, 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Sat April        20, 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Sat April        27, 10:30AM – 11:30AM


Regular $22

Cash Discount $20

Pay cash at the door.

Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center4358 Culver Road, Rochester, NY, 14622RSVP, call or text (585) 663-6454  


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