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Just a Thought - Feeding the Squirrels

Despite all we're going through, the human spirit shines.

The other day, my mom and I went to a local park because what else do you do when you're locked in your house all day? We wanted to get some fresh air and see something new. So we get there, and there are these big rocks set up all around the park, I think to stop cars from driving in. We're looking around, taking in nature and its beauty.

We noticed that there was a bunch of squirrels on the rocks, like more squirrels than I've ever seen together in my life. It was super cute, but we were wondering why the squirrels were congregating at these rocks. We noticed that they were snacking on some seeds and nuts and calling out to their little squirrel friends that there's a feast to be had (The photo above is one I snapped right before the little dude called his friends over)! We wonder where all these seeds are coming from, and we look over, and we see an elderly gentleman sitting in his car (it was super cold out) - he has a big smile on his face, and he's holding a bag of seeds and nuts.

He's just sitting in his car watching the squirrels enjoy their snack that he generously provided for them. It was so simple, so pure… it was such a touching moment that we had to just stand there for a second and marvel at the thoughtfulness of this man and how, despite the times, he's making the best of it. It was a great reminder of the wonderfulness of humanity and that despite all we're going through, the human spirit shines (Oh, and… squirrels reeeally love snacks).

It also reminded me that sometimes, when things get tough, you gotta take a step back - take a moment to do something nice for others. It takes you out of your own mind for a bit, which can help you see the world more clearly. Not to mention, studies show that being kind to others improves your own mental health.

We walked away with a smile on our faces and with the thought that no matter what we're going through, being kind makes the hard times easier to bear.


Krista Hannesen Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine Head of Production, A Beautiful Life Publishing Producer, A Beautiful Life Podcast

Photo: Ola Layaye, Jamez Picard

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