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It’s Time to Channel GRIT 📺

A few months ago, I thought about creating a YouTube channel to store the Grains of GRIT I sprinkled all over the internet while promoting my new audio book. The idea lost steam a few weeks later because I wasn’t sure how on earth I could use another online platform to complement my existing profiles on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn 😮‍💨.

Then, a couple of friends pointed out that YouTube is a natural way to connect with people who spend time online and who will feel right at home in GRIT Village 💡. So, I’ve officially entered into another chapter of my unbelievable, unlikely journey toward helping people know, grow and show their GRIT online. Who knew 🤔???

My primary intention for this channel is to share Tales of Transitions highlighting the types of life events that GRITizens are navigating with renewed passion and purpose after one-to-one sessions, workshops or time spent online in GRIT Village. I’ll share stories about the struggles that GRITizens have encountered followed by the successes they've experienced once they decided to know, grow and show their GRIT in the face of challenging situations and relationships.

Have you got enough GRIT? Download my audio book Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple and learn more about the GRIT Pathways for individuals and groups.

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