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It’s a Blappy Kind of Long Distance Love

Whenever I am out, somewhere in public there usually is that one guy that boldly will ask ‘Are you single?’ and my response confidently is ‘No, thank you. I have a boyfriend. He lives in California.’ Now I bet you’re probably thinking ‘Why are you mentioning that your boyfriend lives in California…where do you live?’ And my answer to that is ‘I live in Canada. I’m in a Long Distance Relationship with an American guy’. All of a sudden there are puzzled faces, shocked expressions and very curious minds that want to know…‘When do you see him?’, ‘Can you trust your guy?’ and of course the timeline question ‘How long have you two been together for?’

Even in this day of age where everyone seems to be ‘too busy’ for romance & loving committed relationships, the possibilities of ‘falling in love’ and being in a trustworthy & passionate partnership is much easier than one thinks. Hard to believe right? Guess what? It is POSSIBLE. That task of having to make plans every weekend to go out to nightclubs or popular social spots and meet many members of the opposite sex, wandering around in crowded rooms, searching for ‘the one’, is NO longer the norm.

All you really need to do these days is go ON-LINE and experience what ‘Dating Websites’ are all about. As you search through the many profiles of single men and women that are available, you get to discover which ones make you smile with excitement. After looking at his/her pics and reading their detailed profile descriptions, YOU can totally decide if that person will be a ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ for you. Sounds pretty easy? And you know what? Fun too! The power to decide whether or not you’re interested and how close you want to get to this person is totally up to you. The more personal you want to be will all depend on what your needs and desires are when it concerns Dating, Sex, Romance or building a Relationship. Or if you’re like me, just a couple of years ago, you decide to take a chance with NO expectations and allow yourself to ‘go with the flow’. As you reply back to a few messages via the dating site, then decide it’s time to respond with your phone number, the excitement and the fear of what comes next is what keeps you playing in this ‘online dance’.

That’s how I found my boyfriend Nate…a sexy, funny, smart American guy, 10 years younger than me and living in one of the best cities in California. The online messages back & forth between us through the dating site ‘OK Cupid’, gave us the opportunity to COMMUNICATE first with one another before getting physically involved. When I said ‘Yes’ to going out with him for our 1st date in Santa Monica on June 17th, 2017, I never thought then that almost 2 years later, WE would still be celebrating US together. Our long distance relationship (LDS) continues to amaze me considering the geographical distance between us: living in two different countries in North America, with two different temperature ranges; especially during the much colder months of our Canadian Seasons and within a 3 hour time zone difference that could separate us too.

But with all this against us, how is it possible to truly stay faithful & respectful to one another and find similarities in our lives during the past 20 months? It’s all about THESE important factors…Trust, Honesty, Laughter, Passion, Open Communication, Words of Affirmation, FaceTime Nightly Chats, Packaged Gifts & Snail Mail Handwritten Cards and Travelling back & forth too between Canada and the US, gives us MANY opportunities to show one another how much we RESPECT and LOVE each other especially from a far.

We value the roles of Best Friends & Lovers as we are as Individuals and as Partners. We do not take any of that for granted. We show & express gratitude that we are blessed to know each other. And no matter what the future may hold, we live each day to its fullest as we convey appreciation & support to who we are and how important we are in each other’s lives. We can ‘follow our bliss’ and remain ‘happy & in love’ together no matter what distance there may be between us. And as my boyfriend affectionately created the word BLAPPY from the feelings of Bliss and Happy that we both feel, we can count on each other to be that ‘Blappy Girl’ and ‘Blappy Boy’ to one another as we bring a smile to our faces, a laugh to our bellies, a loving touch to our bodies and a passion to our blappy kind of long distance love.

Nikki-Monique Kurnath

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