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How women are growing the agricultural sector

(NC) The agricultural industry in Canada has a rich history of innovating to create better and more reliable food supplies for people across our country and around the world.

But just like crops need the sun, rain and soil to thrive, the best ideas need varied perspectives to continue to innovate.

In agriculture, women are bringing valuable knowledge, skills and ideas to join what was once a male dominated field. In fact, an increase in women scientists in the sector is helping to drive innovation in all areas.

For example, a leading Canadian scientist Dr. Christine Noronha, designed a device called the Noronha Elaterid Light Trap, or NELT, that protects potato crops from a common, highly predatory insect called wireworm.

Among many areas of expertise, women working in agriculture are also:

  • Engineers improving agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation systems.

  • Geneticists who study plant health over generations, so new varieties can better survive.

  • Entomologists like Dr. Noronha who study insects and how to protect crops from pests.

  • Bacteriologists and virologists who study disease in animals and crops.

For anyone considering a career in science or agriculture, there are plenty of areas where the opportunities to contribute are ripe. Find more information on inclusive and collaborative government science opportunities at

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