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Melissa is a Spiritual Channeller, Intuitive Healer, Coach, Mentor, Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Psychic Medium/Channeler and Essenian Assistant Healer. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, Registered Practical Nurse, and a Medical Office Assistant. She is a contributing writer for a Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics on sharing the wisdom that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart-opening awareness.

Melissa also uses her intuition to help guide you to connect to your soul through guided meditation, channelling, and reiki energy healing, to help you gain clarity, peace and purpose so you can bring forth your best self, your true self, out into the world. She will also help you open up to discover your deep intuition and guidance system and you will learn what this inner compass is all about. She will help you to learn to trust what you are sensing and feeling as you learn to see, sense and feel what your soul is saying to you.

This work has helped many feel their true inner connection and rise up to their true calling! No one is alone on their journey and its Melissa’s passion to remind you that whether here or beyond, you have someone looking over you! For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and know that inside this space is where the magic happens! As we are stepping out into the world together, I provide you with guidance, support and instruction on how to build your business and build your best life. A Beautiful Life

Also as Business and spiritual coach I provide the steps to be taken to help you build brand awareness, marketing skills, and help you bring out your best self.

We will work together as you discover new awareness about the new challenges that are being faced in today’s new expanding world!

Contact me today .

905 866 7424

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