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How Anger Is Linked To Cancer

What you may or may not know is that we all have cancer cells running through our body and this is a fact.

Another fact is that Anger is connected one of the major 5 elements in the body.

Third fact is that there are five major elements in the body in this particular order of hierarchy are the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Let us chat about the Wood element for this is where our anger resides. There are Yin and Yang organs in the body. Yin and Yang are opposites and a balance to everything in life as there is hot and cold, light and darkness for example and the same applies here.

The Yin Organ is the Liver and the Yang organ is the Gallbladder and is it associated with the body tissue which in this case are the nails and tendons. What this means is for example if your nails are discoloured or rough and not smooth to the touch then these are signs and warning signals which speak to you however as human beings we are not aware that yes our body speaks to us. The body fluid is our tears and it also affect our sense of eyes our sight. The Unbalanced emotion is our Anger and the balanced emotion is Patience and just to add to this that each element is connected to one of our fingers and in this case it is the index finger.

As beings spiritual or not, we are not educated or aware of how our emotions affects us on a daily basis. If you ask the question to someone who have or has had cancer the number one emotion is that they had so much anger, hate, rage and the list goes on. They have been hurt time and time again and their emotion eats away at them. When there is a breakdown for example your immune system the cancer breaks through and it appears and unfortunately we are not aware of this body take over until it is too late. Oh and I just want to say that too late is never to late. I know this for a fact of my loved ones however I am not here to say that this is solely 100% the cause of this horrific disease but I encourage you to do your own homework and a deeper level and understand what is not known to the world.

On a side note, a bit of history and it is the wood element the liver is the largest solid internal organ which houses (is the boss) the heart, which houses the spleen then the lungs and lastly the kidneys in that particular order. Interesting fact, right?

We must pay attention to our body. Look for the signs which are given to us and not wait until it slaps us in the face with an sickness or disease. As a healer I have seen miracles happen and I am not here to convince anyone however I know there is always hope around the corner and a healthier tomorrow.

Element - Unbalanced Emotion - Balanced Emotion

Wood - Anger - Patience

Heart - Depression, Anxiety, Excitability - Joy

Earth - Worry - Love, Compassion

Metal - Grief, Sadness - Courage

Water - Fear - Calmness

If the above list resonates with you then the time is now to STOP the pain and hurt!

Dianne is a TAO Hands Healing Practitioner and works with clients to transform the negative information, emotions, messages in the body to have a happier healthier transformative lifestyle.

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