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Healing Our Energy

I Am a Multi-dimensional Quantum Energy Healing Channel working in the higher existing realms or frequencies as a conduit or “bridge” to facilitate connections for those choosing to live a higher vibrational way of life.

Using my intuitive and empathic abilities, as well as holding multi-dimensional clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance, I am available to work with those who request energy/frequency healing techniques, especially at the etheric level in the energy field surrounding the body, as well as energy readings across time for essential informative Guidance.

Working together on an ongoing basis aligns our frequency to more stable, productive ways of Being.

For over 15 years, I have honed my energy healing skills and have created my own way of working with the energy flows in multi-dimensional realms. Along with personal sessions, I facilitate meditation groups as well as conduct workshops and online classes.

I have also trained in various modalities.

For example, I am a Chartered Herbalist, and have used herbs for over 30 years and know the wonderful healing energy of herbal remedies. As a Registered Elder Care Practitioner, certified in holistic gerontology, my training includes diet and nutrition. Also I am trained and certified as a PSW (Personal Support Worker). Axiatonal Alignment is a powerful healing energy which I practice as well as teach, that clears the meridians, balances both sides of the body, and reconnects the body to the Universal Grid. It consists of a series of light tapping at the points of energy flow located on the body. I facilitate the alignment not only at the physical level but also in the etheric as well as omniversal, along the timeline grids, which helps people to align to the energy shifts that we are undergoing. When used before any other energy treatment, it amplifies the beneficial results. In addition, I am a Crystal Healing Practitioner. Being a Reiki Master and Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor has been part of my experience as well.

When our energy flows are not being governed properly, we tend to feel less enthusiastic about life and have a lower limit for infections. Clearing our negativity from our aura re-establishes and re-vitalizes our Being at Essence Core. My work focuses on removing the old energies from within and re-establishing a new route or flow for our Energetic Being to flow or pulse through.

Our energetic systems are currently being changed into a more fluid dynamic system at the cellular-molecular level. This is the level that, together, we will work at during a treatment session as well as at levels beyond. Our old configurations in our energy streams are no longer functioning or coordinating as they used to, and to "bridge" or divide the ways completely, evenly and strongly we must administer thought processes to continually shift our timeline perspective. As we clear our energy in our depleted auras, our time shifts can be more highly generated and we can clear the old toxic emotions and thought platelets from the body. Our old toxic emotions can be purged from the emotional body; old thought patterns can be released through the mental body; and physical healing can then take place, as a result, at the physical level.

We can create a renewed system of health on all levels! This energy work can facilitate our spiritual awakening or augment our developing spirituality.

We have all gone through some very important shifts in our understanding of our world lately. It has been quite the journey!

Our systems on the planet are changing and we can create a new way of Being if we look within ourselves to see exactly what we want to Be. Are you willing to look at yourself and decide what it is that you want for your future? Your thoughts; your world; your Creation; it is up to you to fulfill your dreams and complete your goals and missions here!

We are all changing individually, as well as collectively, to explore and gain better understanding of our world and everything in it. To go within establishes our desire to begin that deeper understanding and connective ability we all have to each other and ourselves in our search for our Higher Light.

We are just beginning our new Soul Purpose and enhancement in the Higher Light. A whole New Age awaits us as we go within and connect to our Divine energy which heralds a new beginning of thought on the planet. All is not lost; it is just in transition and our world can be whatever we want it to Be. Raise your frequency! Love your Light! Love your world! Peace.


November 2021 is my 16th Anniversary, so check out my website for special Pricing for personal appointments!!

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