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Happiness Or Misery - Which Would You Choose?

Sometimes we hide behind a smile and let everyone think all is good, because we want to be strong.

Today is another day bringing with it a different experience and new challenges. Maybe it is a new learning, a piece of good news, or maybe not so good news. Everyday we make choices, and it is up to us on the type of day we have. Good or bad. We choose. And the choices will determine the way our life path will go, especially if they are big choices to make. So, ask yourself, do you want to be happy or miserable.

Some days are easier than others. Some days we just don’t know how we can continue to move forward, but it is during these times that we have to remember to love ourselves enough to either find a way to get through the day on our own and make the next days better and better or reach out to others that can help us through difficult times. Either way we must release the poison that is holding us back from feeling free and loving life.

Sometimes we hide behind a smile and let everyone think all is good, because we want to be strong or maybe we don’t want others to see our weakness. Especially if there are children around or others, we don’t want to see us an emotional wreck. That’s ok, as long as we can manage our emotions and what we are feeling when we are alone. It is when things get tougher that even though the smile is fooling everyone else, yup, you know what I’m going to say. You are not fooling yourself. Being honest with yourself is important. Honest in what you may be feeling or wanting to express or change.

When we hold negative feelings inside, be it anger towards our children, a spouse, or let’s face it, the world right now and all we are going through, we know it just gets added to the previous event we were upset with and we know that there will come a point, we will explode, like a champagne bottle, making others around us angry, or uneasy. Yet we continue to do it. Why?

The next time you feel yourself getting stressed, or angry at someone for something, find a way to release that anger. Communicate what you are feeling. Maybe talk things out as best you can with the person you are upset with or write your feelings in a journal to get things off your chest. Cry in a pillow, or in the shower if you are that frustrated and don’t want anyone to hear you. Go for a drive on a long stretch of road that is not busy, and when you know the coast is clear and others can’t hear you, scream your heart out. Just let it out. You may feel a rush of adrenaline, you may start crying and have to pull over, but it will get you thinking about what’s bugging you and it can help in letting those feelings go, that don’t serve you any longer.

Staying miserable only makes the next days harder and harder to cope with. And before you know it, you are so far in the hole of misery that you don’t know how to get out. You may even look around one day and wonder why the world is so against you, but you won’t even figure it out that it’s because of your attitude and the things you may have said or not said that have made you feel alienated from everyone else.

So, get outside and enjoy nature. Pick up an old hobby you enjoyed. Talk to the one that is making you upset or change something in your life that will make a positive difference. Release whatever negative thoughts you have so that you can free your mind to find the happiness and joy that is waiting for you to be a part of your life.

Choose wisely, choose happiness.

S R John


Author S R John

Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby


Life Coach - Caring for the Caregiver

Volunteer Ontario Caregivers

Married to a man with Bipolar. Caregiver to family. My own health scare has been challenging. We forget to take care of ourselves.

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