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Get Your Mojo Back

Heather Warren

Transformational Life Coaching

Coaching offers a way forward, where you grow in self-confidence, success on your terms, and an overall sense of inner peace and happiness.

What makes me different than some of the other coaches out there (e.g. Tony Robbins), is that I take a compassionate, deeply listening and spiritually-aligned approach

I believe you are great right now, just as you are. I don't bully, force or pressure you to become someone you're not. I promise to believe you (no matter how woo-woo, heavy or difficult your story is), and I will believe IN you.

I'm not your "love and light" kinda gal, but rather, "let's get into the muck together" soul friend. I listen deeply to your heart and hold a safe and compassionate space for you to find the answers for yourself. I take a mindfulness approach and facilitate you to access your own inner wisdom and uncover your inner voice.

I ask curious questions that help you align to what is true and right for you. I will use my spidey senses to help you see what you may not and delve into the hidden patterns that are blocking you so you can get unstuck and feel free to be yourself.

I am also diversity positive and trauma aware. I personally understand the challenges many women face around social inequalities, sexism, male-female relationship dynamics, sexuality, trauma and identity issues. I prefer a feminine spiritual approach where I listen, nurture and be with whatever comes up for you. I aim for a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your truth.

I truly want to see you rock it on your terms in a balanced and inspiring way.

Plus, I believe in a Higher Power, and once you tune into it and know you are a lovable being from the Universe, life has a way of turning around.

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