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Get to Know Some GRITizens!

The Grow My GRIT podcast is the perfect place to hear from GRITizens who have experienced meaningful change in their lives after taking the time to know, grow and show their GRIT. Check out these episodes to hear real people share real stories of navigating real obstacles with GRIT.

Episode 1: Get to know original GRITizen Haze and her co-host, Peter!

Episode 3: Looking for ideas on how to choose your G, R, I and T words? Take a listen as Haze, Peter and their guest, Lesley, share how they selected the words for their GRIT compasses. It all starts with the GRIT Growth Guide © and the process is self-discovery made simple!

Episode 17: Guest Udo Erasmus reminds us that our GRIT, our power and our peace all stem from the indestructible light energy of nature (a.k.a. the Source). Udo also directs our attention to many exciting possibilities that are available when we acknowledge our deep connections to nature and each other!

Finally, based on the experience of maintaining his own mental health in modern times, Udo shares some activities that can help people find their GRIT and their light. Whether we’re talking about our GRIT, our power or our peace, all that we need is already inside of us!

Episode 11: In their deepest dive yet, Peter and Haze get down to the nitty gritty with MarkDee of Positive Incite. By looking back and looking ahead, they share stories of navigating three enormous obstacles from their GRIT:

-showing up for yourself before showing up for others

-being healthy for yourself so you can be your best for others

-being present for yourself in order to be present others

Haze Schepmyer

647-717-4748 (GRIT)


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