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Get Back to Living!

Get back to living - What does that even mean?

Wow, what a phrase 'Get back to living'- What does that even mean? Aren't we all living if we are 'alive'? - Uh oh, another word that we should find the meaning for. If we reflect on the last year, the challenges, the metaphoric roller coaster that hasn't stopped and the never ending parade of bad news - the only way to move forward is to find YOUR meaning of the phrase 'get back to living.'

At it's core, I believe get back to living means to find the positive and the hope in even the most mundane of things. The sunshine, the perfect rose, the smile on the face of a stranger. These are things we took for granted and what we now must look to, give thanks for, and embrace as the best of life. As we move beyond the challenges of the last year and hopefully into better times, if what we hold dear, the things, the simple things we will find our way back not only to 'living' but also back to the core of who we are. We will once again find ourselves.


Ronnie Swais

Exec Producer, LifeCon™

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