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Find Breathtaking Views This Fall in Vermont

It can be argued that there is no place more beautiful in the fall than Vermont, USA.

Also known as the Green Mountain State, Vermont is covered in 70% forest, which makes for stunning views when the leaves change.

With 10 federally designated scenic byways, there are plenty of opportunities to take in the colours of the season. Vermont vacations recommend skipping highways altogether and sticking to the secondary roads to make the most of the scenery.

Walking and biking are also quite popular this time of year in the state, which is made easy through 18 trails that wind through "historic downtowns, forests and open spaces" (

In the spirit of enjoying the outdoors, 55 state parks provide both traditional camping opportunities along with glamping sites so everyone gets the chance to spend time in nature, whether you want to stick it out in the cold or have the amenities of modern life. Either way, make sure you look up - Vermont is the perfect place for stargazing.

Vermont also features lovely art galleries, many of which are outside - Vermont Vacation notes that the abundance of outdoor art "showcases how Vermont landscapes and towns not only inspire artists, but also become part of the work and the experience of taking it in."

While in Vermont, don't forget to stop by Burlington's historic Main Street for Christmas and Holiday gifts! After, sip on coffee at a local cafe or grab a pint at one of Vermont's famous craft breweries.

Vermont Vacation

While visiting Vermont is beautiful any time of the year, visiting in the fall is particularly special. Make sure to add this wonderful state to your list of places to visit!


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