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Everything Vibrates, Everything Connects

By: Jo Leath

All individual experiences accumulate and link up.

Albert Einstein famously declared that Everything in Life is Vibration.

By Everything, he meant all that we can perceive: the Cosmos, the planet, ourselves, and all that we contain. Nothing is outside, there is no ‘other’, and nothing is disconnected.

One of the happiest lessons I have learnt is that experience accumulates. Studies and decisions, everything I read or studied or discussed has added to the supply of connected vibration with me now, just as all your experiences are with you.

In 1983 I was living in Kamloops, in the semi-arid desert area of British Columbia. One day I was in the car listening to a radio phone-in show. The studio guest was a Numerologist. Callers were asked their full dates-of-birth, and almost instantly the Numerologist would deliver a pointed analysis.

“You tend to be a people pleaser”; “You are very shy and empathetic”; “You are obsessive about order and organization”. Every one of these declarations was met with astonished agreement: yes! this is true! This is exactly right!

I instantly needed to drive directly to the library where I found Dr. Juno Jordan’s book Numerology: The Romance in Your Name. I took it home, and began to read.

As I followed the examples and charted my own name, it didn’t feel like learning: I was remembering how to do it. I knew what to do, comfortably, easily.

The accuracy of Numerology was quickly revealed as I experimented with family names. My father’s and sister’s charts made sense, and yet my mother’s chart was absolute rubbish. Her date-of-birth fit, but her name charted strangely. I checked and rechecked, and could not apply the interpretation to the woman I knew. I was profoundly disappointed.

“Don’t forget,” she said, when I told her, “My birth-parents had named me before your grandparents adopted me.” I re-calculated using her birth-name, and her chart became entirely accurate. So began my life-long relationship with the Number vibrations and the roles they play in all areas of life.

Since then I have been fortunate to live in many parts of Canada, and to study multiple different ways to access Unseen wisdom. The Numbers always matter.

In 2008 I was called by the labyrinth, the ancient archetypal pathway that has been used for thousands of years all around the globe. Created using geometric plans, labyrinths vibrate with Number energy and are a wonderful addition to my work.

Also in 2008 I was attuned as a Reiki practitioner. After two days of lectures and diagrams, the time came to pair up with a partner and flow Reiki energy to them. I suddenly knew that my role was to transmit the vibration of the Numbers through my body and into the recipient.

Numerology had not been mentioned in class, yet for me it was simply undeniable. Reiki passing through my field would inevitably deliver Numerological vibration.

With my clients I have developed deep and meaningful ways of working with Reiki. I am able to detect when Number vibrations are deficient or overly expressive: slightly shifting vibrations can harmonize the field.

In 2013 I was granted an occurrence that might be labelled a Quantum Moment, a Spiritual Download, or a Maslow’s Peak Experience. No matter the name I give it, the memory is vivid, even seven years later. I was filled with vibrating heat and a sense of infinite love flowing through me into the physical world. My heart-space filled with a sensation I describe as less like the opening of rose petals, and more like the ripening of a cauliflower.

Over the next few days I had insights into ways that Numbers, Planes of Expression, and Labyrinth intersect, as they fit together in the unity of ‘Everything is Connected.’

All individual experiences accumulate and link up. When we look within, and follow the call of desire, each of us is able to discover unique frequencies and add them to the Cosmic vibration. There is Spiritual order beneath the physical busy-ness. It is a vibration and it can be uncovered. That is what my work can do.

That is what I am here to do.

Jo Leath is a Numerologist, Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and conduit for synchronicity. She guides people uncover their Intentions and fully engage their Journey Into Alignment.

Website: Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom.

Business name: JoLeath Dot Com

Oracle Cards:

Twitter: @journeyalign

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