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Essenian Way of Living and Healing

The Essenians were a Gnostic Community who existed over 2000 years ago. Most of their knowledge came from ancient Egypt and the ancient mistery schools of Enoch. They lived in the Esoteric tradition – Gnostic Way, which means that one knows that each and every one of us is a God’s Spark that chooses to incarnate into a form – a human being.

The name "Essenian" means healer. They knew the ancient ways of healing and had a brilliant knowledge of the strong healing effects of certain stones and they work with them in combination with intonations – voice sounds and consciousness, to synchronize the human energy bodies, so that healing could take place. They also practiced Laying on the Hands with the Power of the Mind and the Power of Forgiving and Praying.

The Return of Essenian Healing Methods

The Godly Energies had asked Reiki Master and Essenian Master Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder - two complementary souls, to place back on Earth these ancient high energetic healings along with the Pleiadian Healings at this time of energetic transformation on Earth – from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional energy, and to train the new generation of Essenian Masters and Energetic Leaders of the Pleiadian Healing Circles around the world.

The Essenian Healing methods have been fully compiled by Lisa and Henk through energetic communication with the Godly Energies, with their Guides – Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This means that all the knowledge, instructions, and elements of these healings, come from the energy realms and have not been influenced by any human opinions, ambitions, or beliefs. Henk and Lisa spent several years on channeling the information, all step by step, to precisely document all the Essenian Healing methods and the knowledge about karma, brought through by the Godly Energies.

How the Essenian Healing Methods work

The Holy Essenian Healing methods are not a religion, they come from the highest Energy Source, that is feminine and masculine Energy that people call God, which we are also part of.

During these healings the clients really need to participate to achieve results.

Part of the Essenian Healing methods are the Essenian Healing Journeys which are metaphysical healing methods that are specifically meant to clear out the unhealthy physical and psychological patterns that are stuck in the body cells (DNA) and make us ill. They are effective against all sorts of fears and problems that do not have an obvious cause, but a deeper background. There are also three levels of Essenian Healings and on each level, there are different healings, which could be possible at different moments in our lives – when our Karma allow us, to purify a part of our karma piece – ailment, illness or problem, to make it easier for ourselves to learn and through that make a conscious effort towards sustainable changes in our life and health. For a definitive break-through in your problem/ailment/illness, it is best to follow the healing route that may consist of one or more Essenian Healing methods and Pleiadian Healings as indicated by the Essenian Guide.

Essenian Masters are trained to energetically communicate as open and pure channels with their own Essenian Guide - Being of Love and Light. It is he/she the one who indicates whether a healing is possible or not for a person according to their karma path. This information is always checked by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder

The Essenian Healings methods are ancient High energetic 5th dimensional healings, that can address and purify our karma piece when is possible according to our karma path.

Essenian Healings Level 1 Workshops

Some people feel attracted to stones or feel/know their energy, but they also feel the calling to help others with healings. For those people who want to help others right away with these 5th dimensional healings, we are offering Essenian Healings Level 1 workshops, in which students will learn the Holy Essenian Healings Level 1: Water Healing – Consists of raising the ionized calcium in the body and thereby releasing pain from bones and joints. Mental Healing – for mental instabilities such as stress, sleeping problems etc. And Organ & Soft Tissue Pain Healing – for all kinds of pain, but especially those from organs in specific places, and soft tissues such as connective tissue.

Students will also learn to purify and tune up stones in the Essenian way and learn the Power of the Mind and the Power of Love for healings. They will receive a set with 17 stones to perform healings for others and if they have enough Reiki Energy – this needs to be channeled, they may perform these healings on themselves. Upon completion, they will receive a diploma and become Essenian Assistant Healers.


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Danesa Lozano

Reiki Master (Teaching), Essenian Master (Teaching Essenian Healings Level 1) and Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle in Canada


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