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Dislocated Shoulder Joint Testimonial

I had a scheduled meeting with a friend for tea last Tuesday and I wanted to share what I do with him. Earlier that day I was doing my best to figure out how to explain this to him. I know that he would be open-minded however you know that seeing and experiencing is always best.

Well, I have to say that I could not have seen this coming for the evening before he was playing soccer and he went forward, did a few somersaults, and dislocated his right shoulder joint. Seriously, I kid you not. This was his dominant side and he was in a sling and could not move it and the bone was out of place.

When the injury happened he drove himself to the hospital (he is also in the medical field), and they told him that he may have to have surgery and you know the rest.

I said to him, no worries I can help him and he just chuckled and smiled and so did I. I explained a few things to him about what I was going to do and I had a very special book with me which I never walk with for it is my personal book however faith made me walk with it for I was not feeling well and I used it on him along with my gift of Healing Hands and showed him how to move the pain out of the shoulder and at the end of the 5 mins - 10 mins session all the swelling and pain was 100% gone by the end of our meeting.

Update: Well I am happy to report that he only has to have a few physical therapy sessions to put the shoulder back in place and he is good to go and he still has no pain or swelling.

The next morning he texted me this message.

I could not have planned this any better I tell you :-) ... Yup those are my hands... lol

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