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As humans we want to finish the story. We want to complete the experience, perhaps even to rewrite the ending.

Many times, over the past three years of writing for A Beautiful Life Magazine, I have focused on the negative effects of lingering, unresolved emotions, and the energy we invest in avoiding our past. But what if, instead of focusing on the cost of grief, we focused on the benefits of courageously looking our grief in the eye. How would our life be different if we unpacked our emotional baggage? What are the benefits of healing our emotional pain?

Grief is the normal and natural emotions we can feel after we have experienced an emotional loss. Grief can also be the conflicting feelings brought about by a change in something which was familiar. Grief can be about unsaid communications between ourselves and another person.

As humans we want to finish the story. We want to complete the experience, perhaps even to rewrite the ending. Without the correct action steps, we can continuously search for answers where there may not be any. This limits our capacity for happiness and keeps us stuck in our pain. Grief also sees us constantly doing things to distract ourselves from our past regrets and disappointments or from being preoccupied with our painful memories. Isolation, increased use of alcohol, food, drugs, exercise, work, and hobbies are common techniques used to keep the past in the past.

All of this in the hope to allow ourselves, and others, to believe we are OK. These actions rob us of our present happiness and future goals. When we diffuse the painful triggers surrounding events, people and experiences of our past, we are able to remove their power over our present. While they may continue to reside in our memory bank, they no longer have command over our thoughts, decisions, or behaviours. Similar to the delete button on our computer, by completing the incomplete stored emotional energy, we are able to stop remunerating over things which happened to us; things which cannot be changed, no matter how badly we would like them to.

When we are able to find the courage to face our past, amazing things happen:

  • Our anxiety seems to reduce

  • We have more energy, with increased motivation

  • We are more focused and positive

  • We are no longer preoccupied with sadness

  • We choose our daily activities vs a need to be busy

  • We want to be around others

  • We don’t talk about the “same old things”

  • There is a renewed hope for our future

  • As parents, we are more patient and empathetic

  • As partners, we no longer filter our current partner through our X’s

  • As employers, we are more open and approachable

  • As employees, we have a renewed appreciation of self

We have been taught unresolved emotions do not impact our lives. The opposite it true. Left unresolved, the long-term effects can negatively impact all areas of lives, including present and future relationships.

Unresolved grief can also impact our physical health. Happiness is an inside job. It always has been and it is up to us to make that happen.


The Grief Recovery Method allows us take back control of our own destiny. By removing the lower energies of grief, sadness, regret, worry, and guilt we are able to step into the higher emotional vibrations of love, joy, optimism, and passion. Facing our past can be scary. It can feel overwhelming and intimidating. In spite of these views, facing our past is the most freeing action we can take in designing the life we desire.

No one has ever completed this program and said, “I wished I had never done that” because it is the truth which sets us free. “I felt lost. I didn’t know how to grieve a decade of “would’a, could’a, should’a’s” regarding past career choices. For years, being told to just “get over it”. Working with Tammy, learning the Grief Recovery Method, I was finally able to grieve the past, and move my career forward with clarity and direction, and on my terms. Tammy helped me to learn how to forgive myself, and “move on” opening up my ability to see the possibilities in front of me, and the potential within.” The Grief Recovery Method can teach you the proven steps for success. Are you ready to reclaim your happiness and create your beautiful life?

Tammy Adams, Certified Coach Practitioner offering support, in-person or online, Canada-wide. She is certified in The Grief Recovery Method®, Personality Dimensions™, Reiki, Access Bars®, and Mindfulness.

To learn more about the services she offers, book a 20-minute free phone consult, or visit her service tab on her website a


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