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Can We Eliminate the Effects of Chronic Stress?

Do you really know how chronic stress impacts our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health?

We can begin to avoid social interactions; we age faster; we have difficulty concentrating and our decision-making ability decreases, which means smart people can make stupid decisions. We find ourselves irritable, angry or deeply sad; our risk for PTSD, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive and hormonal issues increase; and even the size of our brain can decrease. Many of us experience severe or chronic insomnia.

Have you noticed that your dreams and goals aren’t quite enough to motivate you anymore, and even the fun things in your life feel like a chore? Are you merely going through the motions - at home, at work, in your relationships?

Not everyone calls stress by that name. Burnout or chronic fatigue are also names, even depression.

There are a million ways out there to combat the effects of chronic stress, but the trick is to find what works for you, knowing that even if one technique works today, it may not work tomorrow.

Most of us know that eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising are beneficial to our health and well-being. As a wholistic wellness facilitator, my clients tell me these aren't enough.

We need tools to support our emotional well-being beyond traditional therapy; we need tools to support our physical well-being beyond joining a gym or starting a running program; we need tools to support our mental well-being beyond learning a new hobby. That's why we need a whole arsenal of tools! Yes, I offer a one month and three month program that addresses and supports all aspects of ours lives - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - in innovative ways. You'll learn new tools to maintain your own vitality, energy, focus and concentration; easy self-help techniques to release grief, sadness, fear and anxiety; how to connect with others in a meaningful way again, from a place of love and gratitude; ways to reclaim delight and joy for your life; and how to reconnect once more with your heart and hear the messages from your intuition, your guides and the universe.

There are tools out there can eliminate most of the effects of chronic stress - and there are other programs out there other than mine. I encourage you to do your research and pick a program that does address more than just one aspect of ourselves. However, if you'd like more information on what I have to offer, please check out my site


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