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Channeled from Ascended Masters of the 9th Dimension

It is with great pleasure that we connect with you all at this time of new beginnings.

As you step into 2021, we encourage you to bring into your awareness the importance of creating much needed space for inner growth. It is your divine right to know yourselves in your completeness.

Start your year fresh and new with the fundamental truth and understanding of the divinity you have within you. We are here to remind you to embrace this truth with grace and love.

You are powerful creators dear ones. You are Source energy beings, living in a vibrational universe, interconnected and interdependent upon one another. The unity that you are must be understood at the core level as this will assist you in awakening to your divine truth, to foster the much-needed process of growth and transformation on your healing journey of life.

Realize the truth in that all is of energetic frequency. Realize your existence is a mirror of what you put forth. It is a replay of thought forms and feelings that you emanate. And it is the emergence of these energies collectively that vibrate in one unified field of consciousness that bring all life forms together, amplifying and exhibiting where you are, as a whole, at this time. You are one ball of energy creating your reality, your world, together. Realize the need for full awareness of where you are and where you are heading with the understanding of the impact you have on all.

At this time of great remembrance of who you are and the role that you play in the cosmos of all in existence, we encourage you to take more responsibility in creating your experiences with mindful awareness. Foster love within your hearts and stand strong in your belief of a peaceful world that is united. We know you want this and you can achieve this ever so quickly.

We encourage you to re-evaluate your beliefs about yourselves and your world and ensure they are in line with your truth as the loving, compassionate beings that you are. We encourage you to contribute to the magnificent awakening of your planet by taking more care of yourselves and your personal vibration.

It is time to understand the importance of taking responsibility for where you yourself are and release the need to blame and be in judgement of others.

It is time to reflect and do the work that is necessary to heal your wounds and free yourselves from the darkness that resides within you.

Realize and acknowledge the magnificence of who you are and the power that you have to lift your own personal darkness. Empower yourselves with this truth, for it is in this remembrance that your consciousness will soar to new heights of awareness, to experience the pure love, joy and abundance that you are made of.

Move out of your depressed states. Accept and surrender to what is with courage and faith. Trust in who you are and who you are becoming. This is the way to transcendence. Hold the intention for inner growth. Open your minds to change. This will open your hearts and you shall receive all that is needed to support you.

We are here to affirm to you, you are moving out of the confusion and chaos you have been living in, into a much more trusted higher awareness whereby you will experience yourselves more fully, and embrace and utilize your gifts, talents and abilities with love for your world.

Do what you love dear souls. Speak from your hearts. Let go of the resistance. Live your lives more fully without the burdens of your pasts and the insecurities of your futures. Live with gratitude. Live with more acceptance and forgiveness, in remembrance you are all doing your best in accordance with that which you know to be true within your level of consciousness.

Assist each other dear souls. Help each other by exemplifying to each other the love that is within you. You are one family, a family that is so desperately seeking to be understood and welcomed.

Believe in the power that you are as divine creators. It is time to understand and hold this truth within you and design your lives with intention and purpose. It is time to believe in yourselves and embrace the power that you are with love and reverence.

The awakening of your world is in full swing. We invite you into joining the ride of your becoming in this beautiful year of new beginnings.

We love you and leave you with this. Amen.


Joanna Alexopoulos Author, Poet, Channeler, Spiritual mentor, Reiki energy practitioner, Speaker

Joanna is an open channel and attains universal wisdom and guidance from angels, spirit guides and ascended masters for our world. She came upon her gift of contact and communication with higher realms of consciousness through her struggles as a highly sensitive empath. Her attempt in understanding and healing herself led to her quest and thirst for knowledge of the unknown. Spirit guides came through in 2012 and this opened the gateway of opportunity for growth, expansion and connection to even higher realms of consciousness. Her book Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is a channeled text with messages lovingly offered by the wisdom and guidance of a collective of ascended masters of the 9th dimension. Joanna makes her home with her family in Toronto, Canada, a large perennial garden, a Zen garden, and an extensive collection of nature and sky photography.

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