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A Toast To True Love... Love Stories

Picture this, late 1940’s a young dashing handsome young man is attending his cousin’s wedding (bride) and on the other end of the room a beautiful young lady also attending her cousin’s wedding (groom) when the young man’s gentle loving eyes fell on her. He asked the question, “Who is she?” He later found out that she lives with her mother and the sparkle in his eyes was for her. He was a young teacher and she took care of her siblings all of them while her mother went to sell in the market. He visited her house and ask to marry her on the spot and the rest is history and here I am today because of that love at first sight.

I read a story that a friend searched through 35+ years ago in the telephone book for this stunning beautiful girl’s telephone because she would not give it to him and of course she had one of the most common Indian surnames. It turned out that that there were 2500 listed but he found her and they have been married for 25 years this year. A true case of boy meets girl and again love at first sight.

Across the street, they have never met or spoken only emailed and they agree to meet for coffee. Not knowing which direction he was coming from they were messaging each other and then he said to turn around and there was a GQ image to behold. Blue suit, white shirt and no tie and as the story is told friends to the end.

So do you believe in soul mates? There are many soul mates and friendships which I call treasured friends, lovers, partners, destiny and it is cupid’s way of saying that there is love there waiting for you. You first have to love yourself to attract the person who would love and appreciate you the way you should be loved. You are a delicate lotus both men and women and I say to the men also show you sweet, loving, delicate, humble self and I assure you that you will never have to be alone.

Who said that it is over after a break up? Think again for it is never to late. Just look at Betty White for she is a true spirit. Second chances or maybe third chances are there to find the one that truly was put on this earth for you! Your soulmate could be in front of you, literally! Your best friend someone who knows you to the core.

I say to you that life is a roller coaster journey and no one is perfect. No one can be perfect however if is was not for a young man attending his cousin’s wedding then there will not be a legacy in my family.

This year of Cupid would have been 70 years for my parents and 6 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 great grand to date. A toast to my parents and Happy Anniversary xoxoxo… Love your baby girl..



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