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A Moral Compass for Life's Journey!

Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not

Be a shining example, and act only with Love!

Forgive every offence~heal every heart~~

For there's no greater gift!

Honour every person's truth~

So that your truth may also be honoured!

Walk in every person's shoes~~

Embrace every circumstance

Share every joy~~

For love is your gift to the world~~

A reflection of our Creator's Light in the human race!

Bring peace to the earth by bringing peace

To all those whose life you touch~~for it is

Through our love, our compassion, & our kindness

Our fragile planet will slowly, but surely heal,

Making it possible for us to unite our

Consciousness with the

Creator of ALL things

Rita Be-Still

Author, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Metaphysical Teacher


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Unknown member
Aug 28, 2021

Nice post tthanks for sharing

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