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By Sabrina Goeldlin

Our lives can get side tracked in these busy modern times and we tend to lose touch with our selves and our inner knowing. There are two ways of knowing, one is the knowing of the mind, our knowledge. Then there is an inner knowing, which often has no connection to actual knowledge of a matter. We can instinctively know without a logical explanation or external input. This type of knowing is called claircognizance.

When I separated, I just knew that I was following my true life’s purpose. My current life was misaligned and I needed a change. My mind told me, this is illogical, but my intuition told me that I needed to go find myself and work on something I came here to do. When I found my new home, I had remembered the image of the house from a psychic vision I had many years ago and so it felt like a déjà vu. I just knew it was the right one, before I even set one foot inside it.

Claircognizance is an intuitive sense of knowing or recognition. This sense gets covered with our thoughts, created by the human mind, as we have lost touch with our inner true selves. Loosing touch will create a void. This void needs to constantly be filled with things, like new clothes, expensive dinners, socializing and other items and activities to fill the void inside our hearts. This can also lead to addictions and unhealthy behaviours. We fill our voids with thoughts and activities of the human mind. What we are doing to ourselves, is covering up the inner knowing and other intuitive senses that we all have. We forget how to connect and listen to spirit, because our ego mind has taken over your breathing - take five deep and purposeful breaths and look around. Where are you? What have you just been thinking about? How are you feeling in this moment? Aim to do these five times every day, to help you get back in touch with your own being.

Another technique to create more awareness of self is to journal. On my own path of recovery, I had started to journal my feelings, trying to figure out what had triggered them. I was so out of touch with myself that I didn’t even know why I got emotional. There were no obvious triggers. We have self induced amnesia which creates a lack of empathy. And so, the business of our world has hardened us and has taken our joy for life.

The joy of our lives should be felt throughout living and not only reserved for the weekend or a vacation. Joy is an essential key element of living a happy life. Without joy in our lives, we become depressive and dysfunctional. Instead of filling the void with our thoughts produced by the human mind, why can’t we just fill it with joy? Because we have become enslaved to the system of making money and paying bills and taxes, we have become like robots. We have lost our sense of purpose and are following a deeply rooted programming. This sucks the joy right out of us.

How can we change this? Change is a big factor of anxiety for many, but change is often needed to fill your void with joy again. When we quiet the monkey mind, we make room for inspiration. Inspiration may come as a vision of the future, a feeling of how you would like your life to be or maybe just a clear knowing and understanding of self. When our voids are full of mental clutter, we can no longer know, which is knowledge and which is inspirational knowing. How can we truly know that what we know is true? If it’s cluttered up with thoughts and ideas of others?

As we move along our path of recovering a beautiful life full of joy, love and purpose, we learn many tools we can use to help ourselves. Some significant tools are meditation and mindfulness. By taking time out a few moments every day to focus on yourself and go within, letting go of the clutter of your mind and sensing your own true essence can inspire you to be ones again in touch with your true self. Create a trigger that will stop you and make you focus a few minutes on your breath. A trigger could be a symbol like seeing a flower or walking through a door way. Create this trigger to make you stop for one minute and focus on journal, every day for a few minutes, I was recognizing patterns and I started to pick up on old memories from my past which I had forgotten about but they still subconsciously were triggering my feelings and reactions. When we write, we basically talk to ourselves or our higher self, the part of us that knows and remembers everything we have gone through and experienced.

Our brains are very intelligent, to a fault. As we experience trauma or moments that are very difficult to deal with at the time, our brains have a way to erase these experiences from our conscious minds. It is a safety mechanism that lets us move on in life without feeling too much despair or having to deal with the reality of it. It is a coping mechanism created by the human brain by releasing hormones during times of trauma. This strategy was great when we needed it. But as adults, this primitive brain function no longer serves us. On the contrary, it will hinder us in our progress and stop us from knowing who we truly are. Subconsciously, we may feel we know, but if we cannot remember why that is, our inner knowing looses its significance. This creates the feeling of being in cycle and not being able to jump out of it.

Once we reinstate our full awareness, we can finally deal with old trauma and then move forward in our lives in full strides. This is why being mindful and aware of ourselves and our pasts are important. It is not that it makes us who we are, but it helps us understand ourselves better and from there on we can move forward with the person we know we are. Our past does not define us, but it shapes us, it gives us the experiences we need so we can fulfill our life purposes. When we understand ourselves and know who we are, we can create the life that brings joy to our hearts and the hearts of others. Trusting our intuition of knowing, can lead us down the path of discovering who we really are. This turns into true knowledge which can be subsequently used to create a joyous and purposeful life. How can we fill our void with joy after trauma and experiencing the harshness of this reality? Surrender to quiet reflection. Awaken the divine lover within your own heart. When we let love into our hearts, we can give love back. Which creates a sense of harmony and joy. Be soft and joy will fill your void. When we are soft, we are receptive to the divine. 

Sabrina Goeldlin -


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