Peace, Love, & Understanding

Co Author, Online 'Fireside' Chat with the Authors,

Podcast Guest - 1000's of 'eyes' on you

“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review

Peace, Love & Understanding

Co Author  & Online Conference Speaker

About the Book & Conference

Could we ask for anything more after the turbulent year we have all been through? 

Become a Co Author & Speaker

Confirm Your Authority, Build Your Brand, Drive Your Sales

Co Author Package includes

  • 1000 to 2500 word Chapter / Your photo & Bio included in your Chapter

  • 1 Printed Soft Cover Book 

  • Unlimited eBooks to sell or gift on your website

  • Authors discount on any Soft Cover Boks you want for resale

  • Online Summit Speaking Spot! Summit will run during our Get Back to Living Summit April 24 to May 2 - anticipated audience during that week is up to 10,000

  • Interview on our A Beautiful Life Podcast - streaming on Spotify, TuneIn, iHeart Radio & Apple Podcasts

Perfect Platform for Life Coaches, Spiritual Advisors, Ministers, Personal Development Experts 

Book Release & Online Conference

April 2021

Target Market Readers & Online Conference Visitors

  • Interest in personal development & mental health

  • All nationalities & genders

  • Average household income $100,000 +

Opt In Fee

$150.00 CAD + tax

*Delivery of physical books extra.

Please note: As project is in production - refunds will not be issued once purchased.

Release Date April 2021


Your Co Authors & Presenters

February 2021

Samples of individual Social Media Promotion of You, Your Chapter & Business

'Peace, Love & Understanding' Fireside Chat with the Co Authors will take place during 

LifeCon Online Summit  2021 
Get Back to Living

Anticipated online attendance 10,000

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