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Ronnie Swais
Producer / Publisher

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Shift Your Success in Business &

 In Life

Charging What You Are Worth

Systematize & Streamline Your Small Business and Thrive

Award Winning

Author & Business Coach

2x Best Selling Author

Spiritual Biz Moms

Top Matrix Workshop


The Power of Live Connections

Business Matchmaker/Coach, Author, Speaker

Turning CHAOS into Success

Speaking Coach & Trainer

Rewriting Reality

Reality Shifting Specialist

Design Your Life

Design Your Life Coach

Author, Speaker

3 Tricky Truths Even Successful Wellness Practitioners Miss That Put Themselves (& Their Family) At Financial Risk!

Wellness Business Strategist

Depth & Power of Colour -

7 Seconds to Impact

Top Sales Coach / Image Consultant


How to Pivot and Reposition in These Times

5X Best Selling Author, Speaker, Holistic Wellness Authority, Diabetes Lifestyle Coach & Investor

Become a Confident, Charismatic Communicator so You can have Everything that You Want

Communication & Speaker Coach, international Speaker

Mother Nature's Perfect

Health Product

Toronto, Canada

Black Oxygen Organics/NuWTR

Founding Platinum Director

ProActive Edge

Publisher  /

Editor in Chief of

ProActive Edge Magazine

Executive Producer

Olive Media

Executive Coach

Motivational Speaker

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