It's time to learn how to effectively Leverage Your Influencer Status!

Maximize what you have - Your website, Your Blog, Your social media pages,

Your videos, Your Podcast, Your Books....

If Not Now ..When?

Leveraging Your Influencer Status

eBook - Videos - Consulting 

When I wrote the first Edition of this Book in 2017, I said that things are really going to change by 2020 and it was imperative that Business owners become Influencers to survive what was coming. I didn’t know what was going to cause the change, just that signs were pointing towards a huge shift in how we will be doing business.

People were going to shift how they shop and who they trust to shop from - So it was no longer just about the service or product - it was now also about the person behind the product or service.


It was tough back then to see beyond the Instagram ‘star’, but now more than ever if you are a Business owner you HAVE to leverage your Influencer status to attract an audience and collaborative partners, paying members, sponsors and advertisers and to sell your products & services.


With COVID-19 shifting all our Business opportunities online - it’s important that you look to what you already have set up and assemble your HUB - your website, social media pages, blog sites,Videos, e - books, online classes, etc.


These are your superpowers and you need to know how to leverage them effectively to maximize revenue generation.

The great news is that 2020’s Influencer is the Holistic Healer, Nutritionist, Insurance Sales Person, Financial Advisor, etc. Not the ‘Insta Model’ of years past - which has opened so many opportunities for you!


**One of the bonus areas beyond your regular products and services sales, is bringing on paying sponsors, advertisers, members and guests. It gives an additional revenue stream that can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month!


Your first step was in opening your mind to what you can easily put into motion - your next step is limitless.

Chapters Inside​

  • Leveraging Your Influencer Status

  • Intro - Today’s Media Darling is You

  • Benefits of Leveraging Your Influencer Status

  • The World Today

  • How I Created My First Media Hub and Learned About the Power of Influencers

  •  Your Audience (Community / Tribe)

  • Today’s Influencers Create Their Own Hubs

  • Blogging / Article Writing

  • Video, WebTV, Web Radio & Podcasts

  • Publish an eBook (or Print)

  • Speaking

  •  Image and Brand

  • Using Established Media Programs or Publications to Promote Your Hub

  • Attracting Paying Sponsorships, Advertisers and Endorsement Deals - Gravy for Influencers

  •  Selling Branded Products on Your Hub

  •  Influencer Marketing 

  •  Collaboration Marketing 

  • Social Impact

  • Thought Leadership

  • Final Words

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  • Downloadable e Book

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  • Phone & Email access for question for Ronnie 

  • Analysis of all your current Media elements

  • Written 'go forward' plan with sales scripts and specifically designed packages for your potential Advertisers / Sponsors

  • Consult to Brainstorm, strategize and maximize your Hub

  • Downloadable e Book

  • Video Tutorial Access

  • Phone & Email access for question for Ronnie for 1 year

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