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Launch Your Own Anthology
Partner with us
- you bring the Co authors, we do the production! 

'In the 21st century, collaboration is the new success formula – you can achieve more, much faster and more efficiently, when you share your resources'. - Referral Rocks

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What is a Compiler?

A Compiler is the person who brings together Co Authors to Author Chapters in the Anthology

Why launch an Anthology?

Books are getting more popular today than ever - with so much info being bombarded at us on a daily basis on the internet - a book is focused and engaging

Content marketing is now the #1 way to attract an audience and entice them to learn more about the Co Author (s)

An Anthology can generate the COMPILER $1500 to $5000 per book 

How partnering with us works

  • You bring together the Co Authors

  • You pick the theme of the Book ie mental health, nutrition, spiritual wellness

  • Brainstorm the name / title of your book

  • We create the book's cover and create the mock ups and promotional graphics

  • We create a landing page on our website for the book to direct your Co Authors to - we do this because you can leverage the magazine and our reputation of creating Anthologies building confidence in your Co Authors

  • We consult on how to attract your Co Authors

  • We handle project management and you  lead your Co Authors

  • Your Co Authors submit their Chapters to us 

  • We edit the Chapters

  • We do the production work layout, typeset and flow of the book, ISBN registration etc

  • We format the book for print and ebook

  • We create the promotional graphics for the books

  • We host an online conference for your Co Authors for the launch!

How to start

The first step is the brainstorming the title, deciding on the 'opt in fee' for each Co author


Creation of the cover, mock up and landing page on the website


*This is the only time an investment needed by the Complier and Production - as all other cost will be covered by the Co Authors

The cost of the cover design, ISBN number registration, mock up and promotional graphics is $300.

Compiler covers  $150.00 of that $300 we cover the rest to create the graphics, mock up and landing page

Production Costs

The cost of production is covered by the initial CoAuthor opt in payments - all money cllected after production fees are met are the Compilers to keep 

Cost of production, delivery of the completed book & ebook, + 50 printed copies is $1500

Example of what a compiler can make

10 Co Authors @ a $300 opt in fee = $3000

$3000 -  $1500 production costs = $1500 for the compiler

*The compilers income can increase via a higher opt in fee or more co authors

Landing page

We create the landing page to direct the Co Authors to 

Co Authors can pay via paypal or etransfer

We collect the payments up until the $1500 is covered for production-  after that, the paypal is set up to be directed to you and the etranfers are also directed to you

Once all the Co Authors are on board the page is then converted to the page we use for the online conference

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