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'In the 21st century, collaboration is the new success formula – you can achieve more, much faster and more efficiently, when you share your resources'. - Referral Rocks

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Co Author opportunity for our Collaborative Anthology Book


Inner Peace

How to Find, Nurture & Protect It

Perfect for Mindset & Meditation Coaches, Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Counsellors, 

Therapists & Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, and Spiritual Coaches

Why Co Authoring our Anthology is a great idea!

  • A Book is diversified marketing and positive brand awareness for your Business

  • Share you journey story, your business, what clients can expect when working with you

  • Your words will connect with readers on a level that goes beyond marketing, and sales pitches 

  • Readers will be able to see your knowledge and passion for your business 

  • Collaboration expands your reach and enables you to find new leads 

  • Confirms your authority in your field

  • A Book can open opportunities for Speaking and Podcast Interviews 

Also why Books are so awesome!

  • Sell them - additional cash flow

  • Gift them to VIP clients to strengthen your relationship

  • Add value or increase the price of your other services, courses, retreats or products,  by making them as a 'gift with' offer

  • Gift them to attract subscribers to your newsletter and increase your sales opportunities

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“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review

Inner Peace

How to Find, Nurture & Protect It

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Co Author Package:  

  • Professionally produced Anthology Print and eBook (including copy editing, layout and typeset)

  • Your Chapter - Up to 4500 words Your photo and 50 Word Bio is included in your Chapter 

  • Unlimited eBooks for you to sell or gift on your website - *you keep 100% of the sales from any eBooks you sell

  • 5 Free Printed Soft Cover Books included for you to sell or give out to VIP Clients *you keep 100% of the sales of these Soft Cover books you sell

  • Author's discount on any other Soft Cover Books you would like to purchase for resale (optional)

  • Editing for flow, spelling and grammar included