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6 KEY Months of Active Exposure 

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Release date - September 2020
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Stats: Target Market & Audience
  • All nationalities

  • Interest in mental, physical & spiritual wellness

  • Avg. household Income $100,000+

  • 75% women / 25% men​


  • Subscribers, Site Visitors, Online Purchases of the Guide, paid Social Media Ads promoting the Guide​ in the various Region

 Step 1 Choose Your Style

Sample Profile

Sample Profile with Your Video

 'A great coach can change a life'

Coaching Today

Complimentary 20 min

Discovery Call

 'A great coach can change a life'

Coaching Today

Complimentary 20 min

Discovery Call

Business Profile 

  • 1/4 page Ad 

  • Link to your purchasing website from inside the guide!

  • We can create your profile for you

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Video Business Profile 

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  • Incorporated 10 min Video 'Commercial' 

  • Film a video on your phone about your business - upload it to Youtube and send us the link

 Step 2 Reserve Your Spot

Fall Special 

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Business Profile

Business Profile

with Video

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 Step 3 Once payment is received, you will be contacted by us about your Ad. If you would like us to create your ad, we will gather the information you want on your ad and Proofs of your Ad will be sent to you, to choose your favourite.

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