My first Anthology Book saved me financially during a rough period in my business - books are always in demand and other Business owners need an authentic, impactful way to market to & connect with potential clients. It was a win win for me and my Co Authors. It’s because it helped me so much I now help other people tap into the power of collaboration  - Ronnie Swais

Launch Your Own Anthology - Become a Compiler!

*In book publishing, an Anthology is a collection of chapters by different Co Authors chosen by the Compiler (You)

Bring together & lead a fabulous group of Co Authors and make your mark on the world

  • Anthologies can generate the Compiler (YOU) $3500.00 + PER BOOK via Chapter Sales!

  • Anthologies are a lot like events  - however instead of selling booth spaces - you are selling Chapters in a collaborative Book

  • It's a fantastic marketing tool for your Co Authors and a great way to generate money for you

  • They are the ultimate win win for you and your Co Authors

  • We Coach you every step of the way and do the full Book Production!

Books are purpose driven - they deliver hope & healing  for the Writer and the Reader

Types of Books that make great Anthologies
Self Help, Holistic Healing, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Women's Fiction, Romance stories, Poetry, Short Stories, Memoirs

Books are in huge demand - with the continued lockdowns and uncertainty Books offer positivity and guidance

  • The Book concept is yours and you retain the copyright

  • You determine the Chapter fees you want to charge

  • You bring on the co Authors you want

  • You approve cover design

  • You approve your webpage

  • All payments made above the production cost is immediately directed to you

  • 100% Royalties kept by you on Book sales

Questions? Let's chat!  or TEXT 647 379 8863 to set up a call

Anthology Coaching & Production Package 

  • Consult & Planning & Support throughout the project

  • Cover Art

  • Proofreading / Second set of eyes review

  • Layout

  • Typeset

  • ISBN Number

  • Webpage set up to send your Co Authors to sign up with you -  click to view a webpage

  • *3 Promotional Mock-Ups of Your Book

  • *2 page Ad promoting you & your Book in our Magazine - 4 Issues ($2000 value)

  • *Column in our Magazines to promote your book / Business / You

  • PDF, Mobi, E-pub Versions - eBooks

  • 50 Printed Books Soft Cover 6' x 9'

Total ACPP cost is $1500.00 + hst = $1695.00

How it Works​

  • YOU only make the initial payment to open the project

  • You find your Co Authors

  • Your Co Authors make the additional payment towards production on your webpage

  • Once the production costs are met YOU make a profit on the remaining chapter sales 


20 Co Authors

Chapter cost $250.00

20 x $250 = $5000.00

$5000 - $1500 production costs

= $3500.00 profit for YOU

 (less payment processing fees)

Only a $250.00 Deposit is required to open the project
We start right away
  • Book Consult
  • Cover design
  • Creation of your Webpage- Your webpage on our publishing site give you credibility and your co authors peace of mind in investing in you as we back the project
  • Presale / Promotional Mock ups created 

$250 + Tax CAD

*Once we receive your deposit you will be contacted right away to set up your Brainstorming session

*6 Weeks from now you are going to be so happy you started today!

Notes & Frequently asked questions


How much creative control do I have on the project?

The concept, topic, title, theme, cover design are all yours - we guide and advise

How do my Co Authors make Payment for a Chapter?

Payments are made on your webpage that WE create for you. You send your Co Authors to your page to sign up.

How does a Compiler get paid?

You & Your Co Authors must meet the payment of the book production ($1500. 00 + hst).  Any amount over that, less paypal fees and delivery costs of hard copy books, will be sent to you as your profit from the project  via paypal or eTransfer

What if exactly $1500 + tax is brought in?

If your Anthology meets the thresh hold but doesn't exceed it, you retain the title of Compiler but do not get a payment as you have just covered the cost of book production. You can sell the final book for profit and will benefit from all the promotional aspects

Have More Questions? Let's chat!  or TEXT 647 379 8863 to set up a call

Please Note

  • Projects take approx 14 days to complete once we have all chapters submitted

  • 2 Reviews and changes

  • No refunds will be issued at any stage of the project as work begins right away

  • We do not go to print unless we have the final payment

Deposit $250 + Tax CAD

Beautiful Results

*Once we receive your deposit you will be contacted right away to set up your Brainstorming session

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