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Our goal is to create a positive, fun, informative and interactive community. Every month we will have a calendar of online Events designed to motivate, inspire, educate, entertain, and connect you to like-minded people!








Book Club

We are unique in that with our Platform You will be sent a Printed Inspirational Book each month to inspire, motivate & reignite your passion for your life!

Monthly Printed Inspirational Book


with Your Membership

Monthly Inspirational Bookmark


with Your Membership

Coupon Card

Exclusive only to our Members - A Coupon Card will be sent to you each month with your Book - On the reverse side you will see a wide variety of Offers for Free & Discounted Mental, Physical & Spiritual Wellness Services to redeem!

Connecting you to the Experts that can help your on your journey to

a beautiful life!

Stay Motivated & Productive

Improved Self Esteem & Mental Health

 Discover Your Purpose in Life

Become More Grateful

Improve Your Relationships 

Improve Your Relationships 

  Get a Clearer Sense of Direction

  Get a Clearer Sense of Direction

Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health

Get Ready to Face Challenges and Setbacks

Get Ready to Face Challenges and Setbacks

You Will Build a Balanced Life

Build a

Balanced Life

Make New Friends

Make New Friends

Get Back to Living!

Get Back to Living!

Member perks

New Book Delivered to Your Door Each Month

Each month a Printed Book will be mailed to you covering a new topic with tips, advice, & stories to help motivate, inspire, & encourage you to live your best life.


There is nothing more powerful than the written word - think how exciting it will feel each month a new book comes in the Mail- what a source of encouragement!

  • Books Teach You to Live in the Now

  • Books Get You Out of the Mental Rut

  • Books Remind You That You Create Your Own Destiny

  • Books Teach You To Understand People Better and Empathize

  • Books Strengthen You When You Are Feeling Weak and Defeated

  • Books Will Never Let You Feel Lonely

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Bonus Motivational Bookmark with each Book!

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New Coupon Card filled with exclusive offers

each month

Leveraging your influencer status - Unti

Online Events

  • Zoom Speaker Series - Motivational Speakers sharing on a variety of mental, physical, & spiritual wellness topics

  • Zoom 'Fireside Chats' with the Authors & Co Authors of the Book of the month to discuss the Book Topic and answer your questions on how to live your best life  

  • Zoom Monthly 'Hangouts' / Social - Musical Performances, Celebrity Interviews, Poetry Readings, Meet New Friends!

  • Zoom Networking Events to connect with Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Practitioners and Professionals - Learn about different modalities & treatments that are available

  • Exclusive Curated On Demand Motivational & Inspirational Videos