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If we have learned anything this year - it's that as Business Owners, we can't go it alone and that change can be challenging & stressful if we are not prepared - especially as we navigate the new Business Landscape.

NOW is the time to prepare for 2022 when everything revs up again!

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Ronnie Swais

Publisher / Producer

Retail Store Owner

Former Spa Owner


Krista Hannesen
Editor in Chief /
Retail Store Owner

Practical, Sales Focus & Inspiring!

  • Our Drop Ins make it easy to update skills, learn new techniques and connect with other Business owners that can help you build your Brand, Sales, & Profile in 2021 and beyond!

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Course Instructor - Ronnie Swais

Ronnie has been featured on / in - The CBC, Rogers, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, The Economist & Sun, Whistle Radio, CC Voice, That, WEN Writers & Editor Network, Extraordinary Women's TV, Marketing & Money Magazine, Markham Business Magazine, Women with Vision Magazine.

PLUS  Speaking at Multiple Conferences, Summits & Trade Show Stages

PR and the Mind, Body, Spirit Business Owner

Public relations (PR) builds and maintains a positive public image for a company. Messages, that shape public opinion of the company or organization and increase awareness of its brand.

Good PR opens the door for interviews, speaking spots, features & articles about your Business - The 3rd party  (and not to mention FREE) endorsement of your company carries the most weight in the eyes of the public

  • What PR means and how it differs from Marketing

  • How to get media attention so they offer you interviews in newspapers, magazines, TV & Radio Spots, Podcasts and Blogs - Major & independent outlets

  • How to craft the perfect press release that gets you noticed

  • How to pitch yourself to media outlets

  • What the large media companies are looking for when searching for people to feature

  • What are deal breakers for media companies and will make them never contact you

  • More

The zoom link will be sent to you - includes eBook of notes from the session

Questions -

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Your Blogging for Sales Drop- in session was awesome.  It was to the point, very timely and very understandable – even for a social media “avoider” like me.  Thank you so much for providing this info in such an approachable, friendly and , interactive manner. And for including your SMART (and beautiful daughter)  Krista in the exercise!!!   Look forward to more.

Oksana M. Sawiak


I have been attending the Monday night coaching classes and have found them to be a world of information. The last session we had was no disappointment. It was full of information that I can use to get myself started to Blog and what things to look out for to gain better results. I am grateful for these classes as they have given me knowledge that I might not have come across. They have also given me more confidence to venture into unknown territory that I might otherwise have continued to stay away from. Thank you for continuing to educate us with your knowledge.

SR John