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Social Media Marketing in 2021 and Beyond

 Video Tutorial & eBook

If marketing on Social Media is important for your business, then you must understand how Social Media platforms work today - ignoring the changes, updates, and new rules will at best dramatically limit your ability to reach your target market... or at worst, have you de-platformed.

  • What, When, Where and How to post to maximize Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter & Linkedin's organic reach

  • New Formulas to follow to get more reach and attention

  • Understanding the new algorithms and how they affect you

  • What is Shadow Banning? And how can it limit your reach without you even knowing it.

  • How to avoid being De-Platformed - What you need to know before it's too late

  • 2021 Hashtag Hacks

  • What's Your Social Impact? Inclusiveness, Diversity & Equality

  • How to become your Company's top Influencer

  • More More More

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eBook & Video Tutorial

Fall 2021 - Untitled Page (7).png

eBook & Video Tutorial



Hi Ronnie,

Your Blogging for Sales Drop- in session was  awesome.  It was to the point, very timely and very understandable – even for a social media “avoider” like me.  Thank you so much for providing this info in such an approachable, friendly and , interactive manner. And for including your SMART (and beautiful daughter)  Krista in the exercise!!!   Look forward to more.



Oksana M. Sawiak
Wellness Consultant, Author, Lecturer,

"The Health Detective" - We Heal Lives Naturally

Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute


I have been attending the Monday night coaching classes and have found them to be a world of information. The last session we had was no disappointment. It was full of information that I can use to get myself started to Blog and what things to look out for to gain better results. I am grateful for these classes as they have given me knowledge that I might not have come across. They have also given me more confidence to venture into unknown territory that I might otherwise have continued to stay away from. Thank you for continuing to educate us with your knowledge.

Sebastiana Valade