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Staying Calm in Times of Chaos

 Online Conference

- Meet the Co Authors

About the Book & Conference

We are in some crazy times, and emotions are running high. Sometimes we just need to learn how to calm our selves and breathe to be able to find a way forward. Never has the need for Healers been more strong- together we can answer the call

Speaker Series

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Ronnie Swais
Compiler / Publisher
Tara Myshrall
Co Author / Speaker
Melissa Downard
Co Author / Speaker
Gerard Hibbert
Co Author / Speaker
Tova Gaisin
Co Author// Speaker
Krista Hannesen 
Co Author / Editor
Sally Anne Saint
Co Author / Speaker
Judy K Martene
Co Author / Speaker
Lynda Dyer
Co Author / Speaker
Stacey Walcott
Co Author / Speaker
Stacey Walcott

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