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  • You submit your Book, eBook Cover, Course Image to us, as well as a description, what the students get ie eBook, Workbook, How the class is delivered ie by video, zoom lectures.

  • We post it in our store and in our Catalogue 

  • We only house PDFs of eBooks for immediate download by buyer

  • Hard Copies of Book will be shipped by YOU - we don't not house hard copy books - you cover the cost of shipping - you must show proof of shipment before we release your funds

  • You determine the price of your Book, eBook or Course

  • You will be notified when someone purchases a Course and given their info to ship Course materials etc. directly to the buyer

  • We process all financial transactions

  • There is no upfront fee to submit your book or course - If Your Book or Course sells, we take a 30% commission for promotion of your Book or Course & facilitating the sale, you are sent the remaining 70% of the sale

  • You will be sent your earnings once a $20.00 threshold is met after fee is deducted


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Important Info

  • We only accept Books, eBooks and Courses in the above mentioned Topics

  • We have the right to refuse to represent any Book, eBook or Course without explanation.

  • We have the right to remove any Book, eBook or Course that does not meet our standards for sale, is offensive or the seller is not in good standing.

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