Personal Development Professionals are on the front lines, working hard to meet the World's mental, physical and spiritual needs. We are a community that holds the hearts of others and want to create genuine change for the good! Together we learn, grow and forge an unbreakable bond. 

Association of Personal Development Professionals
Association Mission Statement 
It's our full belief that the Personal Development Industry needs to be united in our goal to help people live their best life - By learning from each other, respecting what each brings to the table, sharing modalities and concepts we strengthen our
collective mission.

APDP Members are ...

Heath & Wellness Experts, Spiritualists, Holistic Therapies / Healers, Natural Skin Care Producers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Motivational Coaches, Spa & Retreat Coordinators and more!

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  • Profile on our online Member's Directory with Links
  • Have your voice heard on standards, advocacy, pay equity, education, understanding of different modalities.
  • VIP Access to Masterminds, Retreats & Workshops to help build your business
  • Bi Monthly Digital copy of Pro Active Edge Magazine Success Magazine for Holistic Practitioners
  • Access to Online Business Classes curated for Personal Development Professionals
  • Yearly Awards Gala & PRO Conference Attracting Mind Body Spirit Practitioners from across North America - First Awards Gala is March 20th 2020  - Advanced Notification of our 2021 Gala
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$99.00 + Applicable Taxes

*NOTE: If you are attending

LifeCon™ PRO

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Your first Year of Membership is FREE with your purchase

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